Jon Friskics and Eric Allam- CodeSchool – Core iOS 7

Quickly get up to speed on the core changes of iOS 7. Make your app stand out from the crowd by mastering new APIs and take advantage of great Xcode updates.
Level 1 on Core iOS 7
Level 1 Updating from iOS 6
Learn the most common problems you’ll run into when upgrading your app for iOS 7.

TextKit and Dynamic Type
Learn how the addition of TextKit affects UITextViews and how to easily add Dynamic Type support.
Level 3 on Core iOS 7
Level 3 Custom Animated Transitions

Breath some life into your transitions with custom animations.
Level 4 on Core iOS 7
Level 4 Making your Transitions Interactive

Enhance your apps by making your modal transitions interactive.
Level 5 on Core iOS 7
Level 5 UIKit Dynamics

UIKit Dynamics is a new iOS 7 framework which helps you to breathe life into your animations by modeling real-world interactions.
Level 6 on Core iOS 7
Level 6 Parallax, Motion Effects, and Blur

Learn how to get your app to stand out from the rest with a tour of the new Motion Effects API, including Parallax, Shadow motion, and even 3D transforms. Add blur to your views. Get buttery smooth animation transitions by tapping into the blazing fast view snapshotting API. Available early November.
Level 7 on Core iOS 7
Level 7 Auto Layout updates

Xcode 5 brings great improvements to Auto Layout. In this level, you’ll learn how to take advantage of the new Auto Layout workflow with static views, scroll views, text views, and even the new Dynamic Type system. Learn to stop writing layout code and use Interface Builder and Auto Layout to design your views.
Level 8 on Core iOS 7
Level 8 Networking and Multitasking

Convert your existing NSURLConnection code to the new-to-iOS-7 NSURLSession networking stack. Learn how to perform background downloads using the new multitasking “transfer” service.

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