Justin Brooke – Cold Email Masters
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Discover How To Start Getting Sales Immediately With No Audience, No Ad Budget, & No JV Partners | taught by Mike Hardenbrook
How Mike, a Father of 3 From Arizona, Built a $1.2 Million Dollar Business With Zero Audience & Zero Ad Budget Also Landing Him a Coveted Spot In The TechStars Startup Accelerator
Mike used the same strategy Elon Musk used when building up Paypal.com.
Cold email.
It’s a marketing method that you don’t need any money or any more tools than you already have to start. If you have an email address, then you already have everything you need.
It’s also a scalable strategy capable of generating millions, even birthing an industry goliath such as Paypal.com
You might be thinking…
Isn’t cold email blackhat?
Is cold email the same thing as spam?
Will cold email piss people off?
Like every other marketing method, there are ethical methods and unethical methods.
Cold Email Has Been Raved About By Forbes, FastCompany, Inc Magazine, Hubspot, Entrepreneur Mag, Business Insider, Mixergy, Tim Ferriss, & AppSumo
In Cold Email Masters, Mike Hardenbrook, teaches you how to be a welcomed guest in people’s inboxes. Then how to turn those new relationships into quick sales.
You’ll learn how to automagically insert local weather details so it looks like a personal 1 on 1 email
How to get 10,000 targeted high quality prospects for only $179
Turn every Slack group into your own private goldmine of prospects
Consistently get 50% to 70% open rates with Mike’s proven subject lines
Turn anyone’s Twitter followers into your secret garden of profit
Find your competitors customers and turn them into your prospects for free
How Mike used cold email to generate sales for a business idea before he even had a product or website
Find an unlimited amount of prospects in places that refresh with new leads monthly
The formula for writing cold emails that people thank you for sending

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