Justin Brooke – PC&R Team Building System

Justin Brooke – PC&R Team Building System
Price: $248
You Just Pay: $57
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Making This Mistake Costs U.S. Business Owners $300 BILLION Annually!

Let me guess…
Marketing and sales isn’t your problem anymore. You’ve got that nailed, but now you’re struggling to grow your team.
You need to grow your team so you can keep up with the great marketing and sales you now have. But if you don’t grow a team, then you’re not going to grow even if you have great marketing.
You might even get stuck working late nights or weekends trying to help with the labor.

Which of these hiring issues is your biggest problem…
Employees that sell you a lie in the interview process
Employees that aren’t excited about your business
Employees that put in the hours, but don’t get big results
Employees that can’t solve problems on their own
Employees that aren’t making you more money than they cost

If you’re like I was then you probably had more than one of those problems. I had them all.
It was hard to know who to hire because I felt like I was being sold a lie in the interviews. Then once I did hire them they weren’t excited about the job, weren’t getting the results I’d hoped for, and I started feeling like a babysitter!
I read book after book – you’ve probably even heard of a few…
Even after reading all these great books and asking my peers for advise, I still had a hiring problem. A VERY EXPENSIVE hiring problem!
It Cost Me Over $65,000 But I Finally Figured It Out…
I hired a corporate business coach.
Not like the coaches and consultants you see in Internet marketing circles. A real coach. He had systems and frameworks and documents and experience working with large corporations.
He taught me that it’s not that I wasn’t finding great people…
It’s that I didn’t have a good system for them to follow once they were hired. A system that would enable them to take ownership of a position and be held accountable for the work they were doing.
Before I had these systems in place my employees didn’t know what to do each day. They didn’t know how to win in their role on their own. Before the systems I felt like a baby sitter because my employees constantly relied on me to answer their questions, tell them what to do, and fix their mistakes.
It wasn’t until I put together this system that we were able to hire, train, and scale the business because everyone knew what was needed of them and could own their role.

What is The PC&R Team Building System?
It’s a package of documents and a training video that teaches you how to use those documents.
PC&R stands for Position Contracts & Reviews.
What are position contracts?
It’s a tool made popular in the best-selling book “EMyth” by Michael Gerber.
It’s a tool you can use to write your job ads better, to facilitate your hiring interviews better, to train your employees better, and to keep your employees on track better.
Each position contract details EXACTLY what the person in that role should be doing everyday to be great at their position. It’s like a cheatsheet for them to know exactly what they should be doing at all times.
I tell them in the interview that it’s their cheatsheet to job security. If you just do these things then you’ll do great and earn promotions. It’s that simple.
It’s also a tool for reviewing their performance each quarter.
Since everything they should be doing is written out line by line on the position contract it’s easy to score their performance on each line. This keeps them accountable because they know exactly what they’ll be scored on and when.
With the PC&R system you and your employees are less stressed, because you both know the rules of the game and how to win.

All of These Roles Are Included
Advertising Specialist (Display & Native)
Advertising Specialist (Search & Social)
Blog Writer
Community Manager
Direct Mail Manager
Email Advertising Specialist
Email Marketing Manager
JV Manager
Data Analyst (Conversion Optimizer)
Marketing Team Manager
SEO Specialist
Social Media Specialist

You get each role in it’s own PDF so it can be printed out or given digitally to your employee. You also get each role in a spreadsheet for easy quarterly review scoring.
Plus, along with the documents you get a training video that teaches you how to use these documents for recruiting, interviewing, training, managing, and quarterly reviews.
With these documents your team will have no excuses left. They’ll know exactly what they should be doing and how to do it. Most importantly, they’ll be held accountable because now they know what their performance is being graded on.
The PC&R team building system has been a life saver to us. I could not imagine running a business without these now. It’s also the first thing we setup for our clients who hire us for consulting.
It’s the foundation that every business needs to be built on in order to grow big and tall.

Justin Brooke – PC&R Team Building System
Price: $248
You Just Pay: $57
Home sale: https://gumroad.com/l/PCR-team-building-system
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