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Author: Kat Loterzo
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Watch the livestream replay for my MORE MONEY NOW breakdown as well as a live overview of this bootcamp!

HEY gorgeous!
Guess what?! I’m running an ALL online bootcamp day September 12/13 (timezone dependent!), designed to share with you the EXACT processes I’ve deployed to scale my business to multi 7-figures and GROWING … and I want YOU to join me
Here is what this is about:
Over the last 6 months I’ve been putting myself through a series of INSANELY high-end activities in order to elevate my current revenue from 200k+ per month (actually 300k+ now, but being conservative as far as averages go!!) to 1 million+ per month, within 12 months from now. I’ve been building the FOUNDATION of my money-makin’ machine up so that I can step FULLY into my celebrity / fame / STAR mission.
Truth is, over the past 9 years online I’ve invested over half a million into my growth and education!
I’ve had the opportunity to work with the BEST people in the world on:

Publicity and PR
Content creation (okay, I am definitely one of the best in the world on that myself!!)
Fame for public figures / personalities
Long-term Wealth Creation

And much more. I’ve spent literally over 500k doing this!!
I don’t know about you, but I NEVER question the investment on something when I know it’s going to help me. Even with ZERO MONEY AVAILABLE and massive debt I never would question this shit. Those who will always be wishers not achievers will never understand this! It has nothing to do with whether you have the money / will / motivation / etc.
Long story short, if you want something? You simply commit and then you MAKE IT FUCKING WORK.
Aside from all of the above and the recent public ‘big-deal’ uplevels that have been going on in my business, there has been a fuckton going on behind the scenes to get all the cogs working at PREMIUM capacity.
I am quite literally building a $100 million empire right now, and in this ALL online and fully recorded Bootcamp Day I want to share with you the exact processes and principles I’m deploying to do that, and HELP you to do the same!

So here’s the deal:
Kat’s Online Bootcamp Day: Create a Motherfucking Empire!
In this bootcamp we’re getting into COMPLETE empire creation – the message and the internal side of things but also ALL the processes and ACTUAL must haves for growth.
A bootcamp DAY, which anybody can join in on, receive LIFETIME access to the recordings on, and which covers the same CONTENT, just in a larger group format and over the course of a day.
And you won’t believe the price tag I’m putting on this.

It’s a hands down winner all round!!
This is all going down on September 12 at 4pm PST / September 13 at 9am Brisbane time.
Ready to step ALL the way up in your online business, treat it LIKE a business and create a money.making.MACHINE?!
You’re in SO much luck then! As next Monday / Tuesday (timezone depending!) I’m running an ALL online and fully recorded BOOTCAMP day to show you how to automate the FUCK out of your business growth and 10x your income FAST.
We’re looking at precisely what needs to happen for you to rapidly grow your list, market and sell on REPEAT, get your message and your content in front of the right people and see cashflow become AUTOMATED, day in and day out, so that YOU can spend your time doing whatever.the fuck.you want!
(Ideally – more creating! More purpose! More showing the fuck up!)
The bootcamp takes place over a 6-hour period and includes live IMPLEMENTATION time, with me on hand to personally help you out and answer your questions!

Here is what we’re covering:
Complete clarity around what your big picture (3-5) year biz vision is, what you want to be and for what kind of people, in what way; how you want both your biz AND life/lifestyle to look, feel, be
High-level money strategy: creating LEVERAGED income based around the type of programs/products/offerings you most want to be doing, so you can do exactly the kind of creation and communication you’d love to do day to day, and have an automated income coming in alongside that
Funnel mapping as part of this: we will lay out a simple and elegant funnel that you can get underway with right away and that connects to obviously creating the above leveraged income
Immediate tribe growth and $$ growth plan: we’ll look at what needs to happen now to get your community growing and engaging in a way you love, and to funnel people through the immediate steps you want them to take / invest in

AND we’ll get into:
Program / offer planning and creation
Branding / marketing / lead gen
Tribe building / cult creation and how to create incredible engagement
Automated email sequences
Ideal sales processes for you (we’ll identify 1 or 2 key processes that suit your style and feel amazing, and then essentially create a template of sales that can be used in all offers moving forward
We’ll also put together an immediate cashflow offer if that’s needed

Why you HAVE to be amongst this is SIMPLE:
You want to level the fuck up.
You KNOW you’re leaving money on the table.
You want to make millions, impact millions, change the world, do it ALL but you’re missing SYSTEMS and EMPIRE STRATEGY, and you’re finally ready to get your shit together and make it happen!