Lisa Sasevich - Impact and Influence 2013 (FLV, MP3, PDF)

Lisa Sasevich is called the queen of Sales Conversion. Honored as the Extraordinary Entrepreneur of the Year by Women Online Magazine, recipient of the coveted eWomen Network Foundation Champion award for her generous fundraising, and ranked on the prestigious Inc. 500/5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies for 2 years in a row, Lisa Sasevich “The Queen of Sales Conversion” teaches experts who are making a difference how to get their message out and enjoy massive results, without being “salesy.”
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Introducing — The “Impact & Influence” Livestream Option! Read on for more information about how you can attend this powerful and transformative event VIRTUALLY.

PLUS, you can still add your name to our waiting list for the SOLD OUT live event.

Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur who is READY to reap the rewards
of building an ACTUAL business around your expertise?

FINALLY! Sales and Business Training for the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur that Gets Your Blessing Out Into the World, Pays You Handsomely AND
(Most Importantly) is FUN!

Yes you CAN build a profitable, sustainable business around your brilliance —
and it doesn’t have to take 80-hour work weeks, tons of start-up money,
or doing things that feel slime-y or inauthentic.

Look I get it, you started your business not necessarily because you wanted a business but because you wanted the RESULTS of having a business.

Like:Getting your brilliance out into the world
Doing your part to transform the world and leave it a better place
Making good money so you can do what you want in life (i.e.. provide for your family, live in your dream house, take vacations around the world, pay for your children’s college, sleep easily because your retirement is secure)
Have the time and freedom to live your life the way you choose (i.e. designing your business around watching your children’s soccer games, enjoying the “laptop” lifestyle, working when you want, where you want)

All sounds peachy, doesn’t it?

The problem is, even though you LOVE what you do, you really DON’T love selling it. And most sales trainings teach arm-twisting, uncomfortable tactics that really feel salesy and inauthentic to you.

So, what do you do? Do you muddle through it on your own? Or do you join me at my LIVE “Impact and Influence” event October 17-19, and let ME personally walk you though how to build a successful, sustainable, profitable AND enjoyable business because NOW you know how to sell!

This is for you if you’re:One of the many people who put everything you know into a $19 book or a $97 product and now you’re trying to figure out how to make money from itReady to break 6-figures doing what you loveExhausted from endless one-on-one coaching sessions and you KNOW it’s time for something moreFrustrated spending too many days a year on the road speaking or consulting and you’re finally ready to build a suite of high-level back-end products and servicesWanting to get your hands on a proven system when it comes to building your businessREADY to create a lifestyle business that you love! (And the best part? If you’ve identified your expertise or know you have some specific knowledge others would benefit from, you’ve already done the heavy lifting! You’re 90% of the way there! At Impact and Influence you’ll get that last 10% you need to package it and so you can make money and help people with what you know.)

If this sounds familiar, then my “Impact and Influence” ULTIMATE Sales Bootcamp for the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur is PERFECT for you.

I’m going to walk you though EXACTLY what I did to build a multi-million dollar business from scratch, from home over a 3-year period. PLUS these are the SAME systems and processes I’ve taught to HUNDREDS of my private mentorship students and they TOO have experienced BIG success from their business.

I WANT this for you too — this really CAN be your reality:I’ve been blessed with a multi-million-plus home-based business built around my talents and passion. I absolutely love what I do and I wake up every morning eager to share what I love with the world.I get to work daily with the most fantastic team that supports me and gives me the opportunity to reach as many people as possible while still saving time to be a “mom” and have a life. (While I do tend to push it harder during launches, I don’t HAVE TO work 80-hour weeks to reach the number of people I’m reaching.)
I’m able to spend plenty of “family” time with my 2 beautiful children (including taking some really fantastic trips like spending a week in August on a houseboat in Lake Powell, where I gifted 9 members of my family the trip of a lifetime!)

And I want to do the same for YOU. I want YOU to have what I have – YOUR VERSION of a business you love, a life you love and the opportunity to become the biggest possible YOU!

Impact & Influence is YOUR Ticket To Building a Successful, Sustainable Business Around YOUR Expertise so You Can Make BIG Money While Making a BIG Difference

You’re about to learn my clear, PROVEN, 5-STEP plan which teaches you EXACTLY how to make money with your expertise, in the comfort of your home while you create an upward spiral of Highly-Invested, Highly-Committed, Action-Taking Clients…FAST

Whether you’re a newbie at this or an experienced marketer, you’ll discover strategies and tips designed to help you attract those high-ticket clients again and again. All you need to do is follow my paint-by-numbers system to see these results in YOUR business.

This is the ALL NEW and UPDATED. After all, you already know things have changed. Pushy old sales methods don’t have the same impact. That’s why you need the NEW and IMPROVED system that is working NOW.

Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll discover when you dig into this system either LIVE or VIRTUALLY via LIVESTREAM with me:
Set Yourself Up For Success
Discover Lisa’s favorite spiritual laws and foundational prosperity principles

What happens when you build a house on a cracked slab? At best, it’s pretty shaky – at worst it collapses. Well, it’s the same thing for your business. If you don’t set yourself up for success right from the start, you’re building your business on a cracked and flawed foundation.

That’s why I get you started off right so you can build your business on a solid, lasting foundation.

You’ll also learn:My journey from corporate employee to a heart-centered and multi-million dollar entrepreneur with two toddlers in tow and a hubby in med school.5 powerful lessons you’ll be able to immediately takeaway from my journey and use to shorten your own personal path to success.What does it really mean to Live Sassy and how embracing this transformed my business and can do the same for yours.]

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