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If you have not yet been able to get your offline (or even online) business going, check this out. It is a complete, well thought out, calmly delivered, step-by-step paint by the numbers method to get you up and running. This includes the bonuses so websites, squeeze pages, Powerpoint presentations, contracts, a re-brandable book, and hundreds of files so you can customize this any way you want are included (Seriously, read the pitch page). Since this only a couple of hundred meg it won’t hurt your ratio. If you are making $10K a month already probably nothing here for you, I believe the rest of you will appreciate the layout. If you get value from this, throw the author some dough. He earned it.
The proven copy-paste templates and scripts I use to book $2000+ offline clients from Facebook fan pages… step by step from getting the lead all the way to getting the check without cold calling.

Here’s everything included:
9 hand-holding walkthrough videos
High converting lead-generation Facebook fan page templates
Full autoresponder sequence
Inbound And Outbound sales call script
Legal work agreement
Plus much more

Fellow Marketer,
I have been perfecting a simple sales funnel that has built my offline business to over $250,000 a year and I want to give you a complete paint by numbers system to book you a client this week…
I am giving away the farm here!

From The Very Services I Offer To How Much I Charge, Everything Is Revealed With These Templates And Hand-Holding Video Walk-Throughs
Here’s Just A Few Of The Things I Reveal In This Package:

Step By Step Hand-holding Video Walk-through Of The Entire Local Cash Magnet System – Even if you are a complete newbie I will take you by the hand from setting up the Facebook templates all the way to closing the deal and asking for the check…
The ‘No Fail’ Auto-Responder Sequence I Personally Use To Make The Prospects Call Begging To Hand You Over Their Money – Make your phone ring off the hook with hungry clients using a simple copy and paste email sequence. I guarantee these emails can resurrect even the most beat up prospect list…
The Very Facebook Fanpage Template That Doubled My Prospect List In Less Than A Week And Sent Calls Through The Roof – Build your email list with hungry local business owners ready to send you buckets of cash without making a single cold call! (Just one Fan-page has sent me more clients than I can handle)
One Thing You MUST Do Before Getting On The Phone With A Client To Avoid Sounding Like A ‘Sales Robot’ – How to sound like a professional when prospects call you even if you stutter worse than Foghorn Leghorn… (Simple, 5 minute ‘phone confidence’ exercise I use every time)
The ‘Mistaken Transfer’ Method That Can Neutralize Any Gatekeeper And Forces The Decision Maker On The Phone – Use this simple script whenever you get a secretary or assistant on the phone to instantly get transferred to the big boss… (even if he is in in a meeting)
Simple Inbound Call Script Makes The Prospect Close You On Taking Their Money For Simple Online Services – Make the prospect dance around on the phone like a little girl begging for attention and trying to sell you on taking their money.
The One Thing All Newbies Ask That KILL Sales Calls Before They Can Even Make Their Pitch – I used to lose 60% of calls by asking this stupid question… And I guarantee you are making the same mistake that cost me countless clients.
How To Ask For The Order Without All The Embarrassing Awkwardness Most Newbies Feel (And It Shows!) – Close the deal and get the order with smooth confidence by re-citing proven scripts and rebuttals.
The Very Same Presentation I Used To Close A Local Client – These presentations are field tested and proven to work… Nothing is left out, including fee schedules, work agreements, and services.
The Client Pricing I Use And The ‘Sales Comparison’ Method That Sells My Fees Even To The Stingiest Prospect – Sell the client on paying top dollar using a simple comparison presentation… And I reveal the very prices I charge for services. (Never let them nickel and dime you again)
How To Relate Online Services To Offline Advertising And Make The Client Understand Your Services In His Terms – My presentation and scripts connect with all business owners by using industry terms to describe online services – Be the ONLY internet market that speaks his language.
Full Notes On Every Slide Of The Presentation To Make Sure You Hit Every Point In The Sales Call – Go over the notes before you give a presentation and you will knock it out of the park with even the biggest local prospects.
Set ‘Fee Milestones’ To Make Getting Payments Easy, And Avoid Future Hassles From The Clients – Simple strategy that sets everything up so once the contract is signed, you never have to worry about getting a payment or the client expecting results too quickly.
Why Talking About Future Business Can Assume The Sale And Instantly Close Any Client That Is On The Fence – My number one ‘stealth close’… I reveal how I assume the sale and talk about future business when a client is on the fence getting them to close me on the original proposal!

I don’t want to just give you some new trick, or rehashed advice – I have created copy and paste templates for every step of my offline business.

Here’s The Deal:
Let me take you by the hand and teach you this complete step by step system that makes me over $250,000 a year.

Here is everything I am including in this MASSIVE package:
9 Hand-Holding Walk-through Video’s – Let me take you through every step of the way to book your first client in a week.
High Converting Lead-Generation Facebook Fanpage Template – Stop cold calling and let this simple fanpage design build your client base on auto-pilot
HTML Lead-Gen Template – Use the raw HTML version of the templates for your blogs and websites to turn your sites traffic into paying clients.
Full Auto-Responder Sequence – Make your phone ring off the hook with set and forget sales emails…
Inbound And Outbound Sales Call Script – Follow the same script I use to the letter and all those calls you will be getting will turn into cold hard cash by the time you hang up.
Full Client Presentation Package With Services And Pricing – Fill in the blanks on this presentation template with your clients name and close them on $2,000+ services.
Professional Client Brochure Templates – Leave your clients with a professional appearance by giving them a breakdown of the services you offer… And something they can give to referrals
Legal Work Agreement – Use my work agreement make sure the client knows exactly what you are offering, how much they have to pay, and take care of all legal liability.
Full Private Label Rights (PLR) To The 10/20 Report – Give away the book I sell on Amazon for $12 to help build your list… Or sell it yourself to online customers.

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