Amazing Selling Machine 6
Name Product: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine 6
Market price: $4997
Author: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback
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 Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine 6
No risk. BIG reward. Just ask THOUSANDS of people who’ve become successful business owners thanks to our flagship program.

Successful business ownership means financial freedom. The security and comfort of knowing you NEVER have to worry about money again. The independence to do what YOU want, on YOUR time, from WHEREVER you want.
That’s what everyone wants, right? So why do so few people actually do something about it? Because they think the risk is too great. They say things like “I need my steady paycheck,” or “I’d love to be my own boss, but I could lose everything if I try and fail!”
Maybe you’re one of those people. Or maybe you’ve run your own business before, but you’re looking for something new, exciting, and profitable. Or hey, maybe you’d just like to add some extra income on the side.
No matter who you are, we have some good news for you: There’s a highly profitable business opportunity out there just waiting for you to grab it…and it is absolutely RISK FREE.
How is this possible?

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Amazing Selling Machine Review
Yes, the rumors are correct! This October, 2015 launch could be the FINAL launch of Amazing Selling Machine, or as we all call it this time ASM6 under the same price (they said it may cost over $10K in the future).
This means this could be your last chance to get it for this price, and your best chance to start a real legit business selling physical products on Amazon. If you want to buy it immediately, just click here to go to the official website.
But does it really deserve all the hype you always hear about it? Just keep reading this review to find out what you need to know.

What is Amazing Selling Machine?
ASM is a complete package (or as Matt and Jason call it: Builder’s Kit). It is composed of 8 weeks web class, 9 proprietary software, a private community (a special community platform built for ASMer’s, an app for iOs and Android, a forum and a Facebook group) and a team of mentors that all work together to guarantee success for all members who want to start selling on Amazon (or expand an already established Amazon business).
ASM is created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. Matt is better known as “The Amazon Master” for being a highly successful seller on Amazon for many years. On the other hand, Jason is a famous online entrepreneur. They teamed up together to start this phenomenon 3 years ago when they launched the beta version of this product “Amazon Money Machines” that soon turned into the full version of ASM in April 2013.

Who should buy ASM?
If you find yourself in one of these situations, then it is definitely for you:
– Entrepreneurs who are serious about their success online.
– Information products owners who look for a new opportunity to expand their business into the physical products world.
– Small business owners who struggle to make a success with selling physical products.
– Online marketers who face problems with importing from China, who can’t win the buy box on Amazon, who don’t know how to private label physical products or who don’t know how to sell using Amazon FBA system.
– Non-US entrepreneurs who can’t handle the selling process while in their country.
– All beginners who don’t know how to start a real successful business online.
– Anyone who wants to get the freedom he deserves and quit his 9-5 daily job or start his retirement plan.

What do you get as a member?
ASM program is divided into 6 components as follows…
1- The New Online Web Class
This is the core component of the product. The training consists of 8 modules delivered in video lessons and PDF guides and live calls following each module. People who join this time will get a completely new improved training based on strategies and tactics that all the team has discovered over the last 2 years.
There are 4 additional new modules as a bonus (packed with info and training).

These modules are as follows:
Module 1: Getting Set Up and Finding Hot Product Opportunities
This module aims to allow you to get ready to start your business by setting up your Amazon Seller Central account. It also shows you how to do analysis to choose a market to pick a product from on Amazon. Of course, this module starts with an introduction to this business model, and all info you need to know before going on.

Module 2: Choosing Your Product and Finding Suppliers
This module teaches you how to pick a KILLER product opportunity with high volume, and low competition to sell on Amazon. After that, you learn where to find suppliers of any product you pick. You also learn  the main points of label and packaging design as this will set your product apart from your competition.

Module 3: Amazon Listing Setup and Your First Inventory Order
As evident from the title, this module aims to get you ready with your Amazon product listing (the place where you’ll sell your product). You’ll learn all the elements you need to make this a high-converting page in addition to elements that will help you achieve high rankings for your main keywords (you don’t need to be a copywriter, just follow the template). At the end of this module you’ll place your first inventory order (you learn how to start small, and reinvest your revenue).

Module 4: The Listing Jump Start System
This module is dedicated to giving your listing the huge start point it needs which is essential to establish your product, and subsequently your brand on Amazon marketplace.

Module 5: The Listing Launch Formula 2.0
As the title suggests, this formula is much different than that we (old members) used to do on the first days of ASM. This module is by far the MOST IMPORTANT module of ASM. It teaches you the foundation for promoting and driving buyer traffic to your Amazon product’s listing.

Module 6: Seller Operations and Brand Enhancement
This module is dedicated to getting more sales with sales tactics available only for Amazon sellers. In addition to sales, it’s time to increase your brand awareness via different branding techniques.

Module 7: The Ultimate Sales Accelerator
As your sales are consistent, and you have a good brand now, this module will show you how to accelerate your sales for more and more profits. You learn how to manage inventory for maximum profits, use REVIEW magnets to obtain more positive reviews than your competitors.

Module 8: Outsourcing and Scaling
This final module teaches you how to sustain your business, and make it a long-term business. Here you learn how to outsource your tasks efficiently, and how to scale your business to whole new levels.

2- The Software Tool Suite
At the moment, there are 9 built-in software in the tools section, with new tools coming soon (whenever there’s a need for a new tool, they develop it). Examples of these tools are:
– The Email Tool: this is a very powerful tool that you can’t find anywhere else! As you might know, you can’t collect emails when you sell via Amazon. Your only option before ASM was to contact them via seller central in a poor way. Now, with this tool you can schedule your emails (for example to be sent immediately after they buy, 1 week later or 1 month later according to your needs). In short words; this tool is like Aweber but for Amazon sellers.
– Press Release Tool: This is a tool that enables you to send daily press releases via Emailwire service. The good thing is that it is all FREE! You see how powerful this is for your promotions? Distribute as many releases as you want (1 per day), and make your brand and sales skyrocket (of course, you’ll need to write them)!
– Promotion Tool: This tool is designed to send promotions to hundreds of sites in your market to help you get tons of free targeted traffic.
These are just examples of how powerful tools you’ll have (I can’t reveal the rest, as they are part of the training). As you noticed, all these tools are dedicated to promoting your products with the ultimate target: More sales and more profit.

3- Lifetime Access to the Private Community
This is the group of amazing ASM members. These people really love to help each other. I’ve never been in a group and found this much care among members. Need help? Just ask a question, and you’ll find tens of immediate responses.
People are sharing their stories, tactics, problems, and ideas. This is a very valuable addition to the program that we all love.
The community consists of a private forum, a private Facebook group, and a new improved community platform designed exclusively for ASM to help get all topics organized. Not only this, but there’s also the community app for iOS and Android to have the community reachable at any place.

4- The Mentors
Those are the ASM MENTORs, who are a collection of successful ASMer’s who have achieved big success, and they dedicate their time to help all members one on one. Yes, you will get exclusive assistance from highly-experienced people tailored to your needs.
Building a new business can be a lonely journey, filled with fear and uncertainty. The ASM Mentors and the dedicated ASM support team will help minimize this for you.

5- Ticket to Live Summit
This will be held in Las Vegas on November 6-8, 2015. Older members will have to pay a lot of money to attend this event, but all new members will get a ticket as a part of their ASM6 membership.
This summit shows many experts in different fields of business, for example, one of the previous events showed Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki. In addition to the great opportunity of networking and partnership (this resulted in tens of success stories for earlier ASM members).

6- Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls
These are live calls with experts in addition to Matt and Jason. You have the chance to ask any questions and solve any problem you might have. Every call is after the end of corresponding modules.

Is this everything you’ll get?
No, there much more than this. There are entire free courses and pieces of training you’ll get, but the most 2 bonuses I like the best are:
1- Outsource Force: A full video training course from John Reese. If you don’t know John, then you are in a big problem!! The course itself was sold for $1997 per member, but yours free.
2- YouTube Mastery: Also a full training video course that covers everything you need to know to leverage YouTube to the advantage of your business.
And many more surprises…