McIntyre - McIntyre Method Masterclass
McIntyre – McIntyre Method Masterclass
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4-Week Email Copywriting Masterclass
In 4 Weeks, You’ll Create A Brutally Effective Email Autoresponder Sequence That You Can Sell To Clients For $200 to $1,000
(Or Hey, Use It To Grow Your Own Business)

So What Does This Email Copywriting Masterclass Actually Cover?
Week 1 – The Big Picture
If you’re struggling with copywriting, it’s probably because you don’t understand the big picture of marketing as a whole.
It sounds simple, but the fact is, this is where most people fail.
If you get the big picture wrong, the rest is a waste of time… but if you get it right, your emails will write themselves.​
That’s why the McIntyre Method Masterclass begins with The Big Picture.
In Week 1, you’ll discover:
The number 1 thing you need to know before you begin writing a single email
How to write autoresponders with ease (instead of staring at the screen)
An in-depth look at the 4-step process I use to write autoresponders for clients (clients pay thousands of dollars for my emails – and I’m going to reveal exactly what I do for them)
A unique concept that makes autoresponders a “cinch” to write
One often-overlooked word that underlies ALL effective copywriting
How to make your email copywriting much more satisfying and fulfilling
How to kick off the email copywriting process with a bang (like a general, you have to start from a position of strength)
One magic word that can transform your marketing (not just your autoresponders)
What is the most important element of writing an autoresponder?
Most business owners make this COMMON mistake (it’s so easy to avoid you’ll kick yourself for missing this one)
Nail this and your autoresponder will “write itself”
2 things you must know about your prospects before you write a single email
A weird but surprisingly simple secret from the world’s greatest copywriter
The driving force of your marketing (and how to master it)
Simple (but rarely used) strategies that take you inside a prospect’s brain and show you his deepest dreams and desires
Why you need to talk to the marketplace (including a simple 3-question survey to send to your list)
Writing great emails all comes back to this 7-letter word
A simple analogy that triggers a “light bulb” moment in everyone I tell it to
8 questions you must answer about your product before you write a word of copy

Week 2 – Create Your Outline
Your outline is your map.
It takes you from Point A (where you are now – not enough sales or money) to Point B (where you want to be – truckloads of sales and money).
Without a detailed map, you’ll get lost, go off course and end up some place you didn’t intend on getting to.
If you understand the big picture but still struggle with copywriting, it may be because you haven’t developed a detailed outlined based on the core McIntyre Method principles.
In Week 2, you’ll discover:
Why most people get this step backwards (and how to break the pattern)
How to turn your notes from Week 1 into a sophisticated autoresponder outline
How to rapidly generate content ideas for your email autoresponder sequence
A super-fast strategy for creating an autoresponder outline (I use this with clients regularly)
Common mistakes that almost everyone makes with email autoresponder content
My personal email copywriting “best practices” checklist (the result of numerous projects with various clients)
Several keys to compelling content (you won’t hear this on any run-of-the-mill marketing blog)
Why content is NOT king when it comes to email marketing
A crucial step you MUST take before you begin writing your autoresponder
Simple tricks that guarantee you’ll follow through with your writing (this is a life-saver for anyone who has ever tried to write but never finished)
A nifty strategy that causes your open rate to INCREASE over time (common wisdom states that it should decrease but I’ll explain how it doesn’t have to be that way)
Why Hollywood screenwriters are the best email copywriters
Weird (and effective) lessons from talk show radio you can apply to your emails

Week 3 – Write Your Emails
It’s time to put pen to paper and turn your outline into a hard-hitting, high-converting autoresponder that drives sales on autopilot – for you AND for your clients.
In Week 3, you’ll discover:
Why subject lines don’t matter (and more importantly, what DOES matter)
How to use PS’s to “sell without selling”
When to pitch your products (and how to do it without pissing people off)
Should you send daily emails?
What tone of voice do people respond to most?
How to use psychological hacks to trigger a “flow state”, that magical moment where everything you write is golden
Simple strategies that get prospects addicted to reading your emails
How often should you put links in each email?
The single BIGGEST thing you need to focus on when writing your emails
Plain text or HTML – what’s the verdict?
How long should each email be?
7 ways to open your emails that get readers instantly engaged
Naughty subject lines that make me cringe (but I always open the email)
How many emails should your autoresponder sequence be? (my answer will surprise you)

Week 4 – Launch!
In the final week, you’ll put the pieces together.
You’ll sign up to a recommended autoresponder service and add your emails (or if you’re doing this for a client, you’ll add their emails into their email software).
Next, you’ll create a landing page, begin driving traffic and – if you’ve followed the McIntyre Method steps correctly – you’ll see signups and sales.
In Week 4, you’ll discover:
How to create a landing page properly (and, why this is one of the LAST steps, not the first)
What email autoresponder service should you use?
Where should you put your opt-in form?
Do blog sidebar opt-in forms work?
How I DOUBLED a client’s opt-in rate by making it HARDER to opt-in
Why “put your opt-in form above the fold” is complete NONSENSE (and what you should do instead)
When it comes to landing pages, this is where the goo-roos get it all wrong
One of the biggest marketing companies on the planet makes this DUMB email marketing mistake (you’ll be dumbfounded at how stupid this mistake is)
Little-known problems with popular email autoresponder providers
Why burying your opt-in form below TONS of content increases opt-ins (not decreases like most people would think – however, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it, and I’ll show you the right way…)
What metrics should you track? (I NEVER look at open rates)
How to measure the success of an autoresponder

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