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Hey guys, Mike here.
You might notice this sales page doesn’t start off with a stupid headline like “Finally! All Secrets Revealed!”
The reason for that is simple.
If you know me, and you know me by now, that’s just not my style.
But here’s the deal. I think you need this course.
If you agree, you can go ahead and get it here. There’s no huge “BUY NOW” button with visa card logos or whatever. Just click down at the bottom where the link is.
If you’re sitting on the fence, keep reading.
First, I need to tell you why I made this course.
Maybe like you, I started a business because I couldn’t stand my job. I wanted out. I wanted freedom. To a point, I bought into the shiny Internet Marketing world.
Maybe you did too, I dunno.
If you did, it’s okay. Be honest, just nod your head. I won’t know.
And you might have bought a few products thinking “oh yeah this looks good.”
You buy it. Dive in. Read the material.
And it doesn’t “click.
That’s not to say it doesn’t work for the author, or that it’s a bad product.
But it’s just another “thing” in the sea of products that doesn’t seem to work for you.
It’s frustrating, right? It was for me.
Until I found Facebook ads.
PS. I realize how stupid the above sentence sounds – just bear with me here.
And if you’re here, it’s either because you’ve done some ads or you feel like it could be your thing. That’s cool.
You’re the kind of person I want here.
But anyway, I found Facebook ads.
All the other methods: affiliate marketing, high ticket coaching, building a list and spamming them, baking brownies for local businesses, they weren’t appealing to me or my ethics.
I also can’t do the “IM” thing where I launch some stupid product and let it die a month later because I’ve made my money.
And if you’re like me, you want to help people – not leave them wondering why they spent money with you.
All that is to say – if you like Facebook ads, if you like actually helping people, and if you like a great earning potential with the ability to scale this into an actual, sustainable business that can actually provide for yourself and your family (like I’ve been doing for years), then keep reading.
You see, when you do find your thing, your specialty…your attitude changes.
All those methods and systems and strategies kind of fade off into the background, and you start to look for one specific thing – people that are juuuust a little bit further along than you are.
Because what you want to do is level up, implement your new knowledge, and then look to level up again.
Maybe that’s with me in my course, maybe not, but this step is CRITICAL.
This business thing is a journey, not something you can pick up off the sidewalk one day.

What’s the FB Ads Course?
Anyway, check this out. I use Facebook ads to get leads for local businesses. These clients aren’t local to me (so you don’t have to go out and knock on doors or anything like that). But they’re serving their local communities.
So I help local businesses get leads, get more clients, and make more money.
This course is the blueprint to run that business.
If that sounds like your deal – keep reading.
Here’s What You Get Inside the FB Ads Course

Module One
Setting up FB the right way
Client setup
Legal stuff – even a contract that you can use, written by an actual lawyer.
How I handle the money
A couple updated videos

Module Two
Your Secret Weapon
Adding value in groups
Does Mike Heath have dibs on groups?
Prospect messages on FB
How to close clients on the phone
Live call – consulting close
Live call – not a good fit
What niches to target

Module Three
The direct response funnel
The ad
The landing page
The pixel
Power editor tutorial
The lead n’ close
Gym walkthrough
Lead ads walkthrough
Creating and using custom audiences and lookalike audiences

Module Four
The consultant funnel
The ad + landing page
Bonus video – shh!
Conclusion video

That’s 26 videos so far!
And you also get Goodies + Downloads
Course mindmaps
Contract template (written by an actual lawyer)
Onboarding template
A 2-hour webinar bonus

PRICE: You can get this course with only $47
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