Natural Medicine Now – Premium Package
Natural Medicine Now – Premium Package
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Natural Medicine Now (NMN) is a complete diet, nutrition, mind/body, health, and wellness education program designed to teach you the right information you need to keep your body in balance and prevent disease.
NMN is a series of 36 webinars, each about 20-30 minutes in length, led by naturopathic doctor Tiffany Jackson and other leading experts.
The webinars are categorized into 6 different modules, covering exclusive natural health topics such as gut health, hormone balance, weight loss, detoxification, sweeteners, healthy cooking, yoga, stress management, and more. The webinars are easy to follow and full of graphics and charts, providing a clear roadmap of guidelines and action plans for you in implementing healthy habits.
You will be able to access the webinar content in different ways, choosing the method that works for you: watch the webinars online or download the audio books or e-books. You have unlimited access to the content to watch, read, or listen-and learn-at yHG_3DGraphicsour own pace.

Module 1 – The Four Cornerstones of Health
Lesson 1 – Healthy Mind & the Power of Positivityhealth_promoting_diet
Lesson 2 – Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Lesson 3 – A Health Promoting Diet
Lesson 4 – Correcting Nutritional Deficiencies

Module 2 – Healthy Eating and Cooking Videos
Lesson 5 – 15 Superfoods for Optimal Health
Lesson 6 – Benefits of a Paleo Diet
Lesson 7 – Guide to Natural Sweeteners; The Good & the Bad
Lesson 8 – Top 15 Brain Boosting Foods
Lesson 9 – Healthy Eating at Your Desk
Lesson 10 – Eating Healthy While Traveling
Lesson 11 – How to Make a Healthy Green Smoothie
Lesson 12 – Healthy Kitchen Makeover & Smoothie Demo
Lesson 13 – Easy Breezy Healthy Recipes

Module 3 – Specific Health Topics
Lesson 14 – Understanding the Importance of Gut Health
Lesson 15 – Healthy Weight Loss/Balancing Blood Sugar Naturally
Lesson 16 – Boost Your Immune System Naturally
Lesson 17 – Natural Approaches to Anxiety
Lesson 18 – Heart Health
Lesson 19 – Understanding Chinese Medicine
Lesson 20 – Understanding Essential Oils
Lesson 21 – EcoHealth Approach to Preventing Disease

Module 4 – Understanding Hormone Balance
Lesson 22 – Adrenal Health
Lesson 23 – Thyroid Health
Lesson 24 – Men’s Health
Lesson 25 – Women’s Health

Module 5 – Mind/Body/Wellness
Lesson 26 – Yoga at Your Desk
Lesson 27 – Yoga for Neck and Back Pain
Lesson 28 – Connect with Your Breath
Lesson 29 – Emotional Freedom Technique
Lesson 30 – Ten Minute Meditation for Stress

Module 6 – Understanding Detoxification
Lesson 31 – Understanding Toxins & Detoxification
Lesson 32 – Daily Detox Supplementation
Lesson 33 – Clean 14 Day Detox Diet
Lesson 34 – Detox at Your Home
Lesson 35 – Daily Detox Guidelines
Lesson 36 – Toxic Products that Mess with Your Hormones
Take action and prevent disease.
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