Pat Flynn – Smart From Scratch
Pat Flynn – Smart From Scratch
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Smart From Scratch
How to Find a Winning Business Idea & Land Your First Customer
Hi, I’m Pat
Here’s Why I Created Smart From Scratch
I’ve both failed and succeeded in building products and businesses. I’ve poured these experiences into the Smart From Scratch course to give you insight into the business strategies that truly work from start to finish.

A Business Crash Course (Without the Crashing)
Smart From Scratch was designed for your success. Each and every facet of the course, from its length to action items, was carefully planned to serve that goal.
Course length: The length of the course is up to you, with three distinct stages to get you from idea to business.
Action items, including target audience research, network engagement, and prospect follow-up.
Regular opportunities for you to provide honest feedback about the course.

Welcome Students!
Stage 1: Idea and Market Visibility
Lesson 01: Setting Expectations
Lesson 02: Focusing On Real Business
Lesson 03: Figuring Out Your Top Idea
Lesson 04: Discovering Your Niche
Lesson 05: Researching Your Customers
Lesson 06: Positioning Your Business Idea
Lesson 07: Reaching Out for First Reaction
Lesson 08: Reflecting On Your Plan
Lesson 09: What’s Coming Up in Stage 2!

Stage 2: Adjust and Refine
Lesson 01: Creating Goals
Lesson 02: Building Your Mind Map
Lesson 03: Making Sense of Your Mind Map
Lesson 04: Prototyping Your Idea
Lesson 05: Connecting for Feedback
Lesson 06: Checking Your Excitement Levels