Name Product: Paul Colligan and Julie Perry – YouTube Secret Weapon
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Instructor:  Paul Colligan and Julie Perry
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Find Out Why The World’s Most Successful Internet Marketers Call Her Their “YouTube Secret Weapon”—And How You Can Too In Just A Few Short Minutes
Improve SEO Rankings Via YouTube & MAXIMIZE Targeted YouTube Traffic So You Profit From Every Video You Upload!

Now you can finally get targeted, 4- and 5-figure audiences on YouTube with simple, proven strategies for optimizing your videos for lead generation, SEO benefits, and PROFIT… All with less than 15 minutes of additional work per video!
Why You Need To Grab YouTube Secret Weapon Today
* Attract hundreds or thousands of highly-targeted viewers (prospective customers) eager to discover every bit of advice you have to offer
* Learn the most strategic way to conduct your keyword research and what essential information to gather that will allow you to compete with the top-ranked videos
* Increase video views and conversion immediately because you know the optimum length to make your videos
* Benefit from learning how to use your YouTube channel as your own personal video aggregator
* Guarantee better performance before you even upload your video by using Julie’s checklist of crucial things to do first
* Drive YouTube traffic back over to your website, blog, or other online content using Julie’s Stealth Tips
* Outrank top videos quickly for search terms you want WITHOUT having to spend money on YouTube’s new PPC feature
* Learn seven unique strategies for customizing and organizing your YouTube Channel so you maximize the site’s potential as a social network
* Discover four YouTube Channel metrics you can control to insure your videos rank higher in YouTube search results
* Rank on Page 1 of the YouTube Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for your top keywords by writing better titles, tags and descriptions
* Make your video go viral by kick-starting comments and encouraging your audience to participate, take notice and possibly even share your videos elsewhere
* Learn how to optimize your videos using keywords that will boost your YouTube content to the top of the YouTube search results pile—and may even land you on the Google universal search results pages (also known as blended search!)
* Increase the odds of getting your video featured on the YouTube homepage
So you’ve spent valuable time, effort and perhaps even money to make a video.

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