Perry Marshall – 80 20 Facebook Get It Done Live
Perry Marshall – 80/20 Facebook Get-It-Done Live
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If You’re Not “Stacking” Your Facebook Advertising Correctly, You’re Leaving Heaps of Cheap, High-Quality Traffic on the Table
In Just 4 Hours My Facebook Manager Ryan Masters Will Get You Set Up to Pull Cheap, High-Quality Facebook Traffic into Your Funnel… Saving You Hours of Expensive Back-to-the-Drawing-Board Headaches

Attention Online Marketer:
I wrote the best-selling book on Facebook advertising.
And then Facebook banned me.
If that tells you one thing, it should be this: You really need to watch your step with Facebook. You really need to have all your ducks in a row. You really need to build your foundation correctly. Get it right from the ground up.
Because the real danger isn’t getting banned, necessarily…it’s paying too much for the traffic you get.
There is a Facebook stupidity tax in full effect.
If you’re not setting up your account correctly…stacking the blocks the way they need to be stacked from the ground up…you’re paying way too much for traffic.
30% too much, 60% too much, maybe even 100% too much.
And how long do you think you can survive in a competitive market if you’re paying 100% more than you should be?
Right, you’re a dead man walking.
Perry Can’t You Just Show Us How to Set Up OurFacebook Account the Right Way?
That’s why I’ve been asked many times to provide a done-with-you workshop for Facebook. A workshop where we hold your hand and walk you through every single step you need to execute to set up a Facebook Campaign that pulls in cheap, high-quality traffic.
To look over your shoulder, check your work, and give you 100% confidence you’re got everything ready to go.
But we’ve never had the right opportunity to deliver it…until now…

80/20 Facebook Get-It-Done LIVE
On Wednesday, March 30th, Ryan Masters will walk you through a very special DONE WITH YOU workshop and make 100% sure you’ve got your Facebook account set up to get you the cheapest leads and customers
It’s the only way to get your account set up exactly like Ryan’s clients…like me, Perry Marshall.
The only way to get your account set up perfectly without spending $1500 and making a year-long commitment!
In fact, if you’re not spending at least $5,000 per month on Facebook, Ryan’s company (and most other companies like Ryan’s) won’t consider you.
If you’re not willing to sign a year-long commitment, Ryan’s company (and most other companies like Ryan’s) won’t consider you.
If you’re not able to spend at least $500 per month on Facebook consulting, Ryan’s company (and most other companies like Ryan’s) won’t consider you.

So, This is Your Chance to Get
What Ryan’s Facebook Clients Have to Commit Thousands to Get!
All for a low, introductory price.
Here’s how it will work…
You’ll log in from anywhere in the world.
Ryan will give you some clear, bite-sized instructions
You’ll follow those instructions
Ryan will check to see if you did it correctly
You’ll move on to the next step.

By the end of the 4-hour workshop, you’ll have your Facebook account set up the way Ryan and I have ours set up.
But you won’t have to commit to spending thousands of dollars to get it.
We call it 80/20 Facebook GET-IT-DONE Workshop

And in just 4 hours, Ryan will not only SHOW you how to set up…or fix…your Facebook account. He’ll step you through the process and make sure you’ve got it set up correctly before you leave the workshop!
Ryan won’t leave until everybody in the workshop has their account up and running!
Who is Ryan Masters?
Ryan is a long-time Planet Perry traffic expert.
And my go-to-guy for Facebook leads, customers and clients.
And he was instrumental in getting us Un-banned from Facebook!
Ryan saved our bacon and he can fry yours up too.
Ryan learned Facebook (and AdWords and YouTube) the hard way (with his own money, selling his own products).
One of the first projects he ever took on was saving his family’s furniture business with AdWords. He pulled it up from underwater and his family sold it for a tidy sum. Saving his family from potential bankruptcy.
So, he’s been where you are…where every dime counts, every bid counts, and increasing sales is all you think about.
Managing Facebook accounts requires more than a large advertising budget. It requires more experience than 1 or 2 accounts can provide. To get really good at it, and to get a “feel” for it…you must be managing, analyzing, reporting, and optimizing a wide variety of accounts with large numbers of conversions.
You can either gain this experience by managing a lot of PPC accounts, or you can hitch a ride off of someone else who does.
That’s what you’ll get from Ryan in this workshop. You’ll get his breadth and depth of Facebook experience…and use it to set up (or fix) your Facebook accounts FAST!
And for probably less than you spend on traffic each month!

Here’s What You’ll Get on March 30th…
1. A 4-hour Facebook Implementation workshop.
Here’s how it will go…
Ryan will give you an assignment.
You’ll go do it.
You’ll come back 15 minutes later with the assignment completed
Ryan will answer questions
You’ll move on to the next assignment.

At the end of 4 hours you’ll have everything done.
You’ll finally have your Facebook set up like the Facebook big-spenders.
Think that’s not enough time to get everything done?
Well, that’s the point.
How many webinars have you attended where they spray a bunch of information at you and you don’t have time to implement it all during the event? You tell yourself, “I’ll come back and implement all this later.”

…And you never do.
How many times have you started to implement but you got stuck or lost because what you saw in the training wasn’t EXACTLY what you were seeing in your situation?
How many books, CDs, eBooks and even coaching programs have you paid for and never implemented even 10% of what was delivered?
Well, this isn’t that.

This isn’t a webinar. It’s not a coaching program. It’s a workshop.
This is not about theory and conjecture and advice and philosophy.
It’s about getting it done.
Ryan will give you immediate feedback and you get you unstuck and moving forward DURING the workshop.
Ryan will chop the process into bite-sized chunks so it’s simple to follow along, simple to implement, and before you know it you’ll have the EXACT Facebook setup as the companies Ryan consults for…like mine!
So, you will get the assignments done in the 4 hours whether you THINK you have time or not. It’s not about getting everything done perfectly, it’s about getting it done. Period.
In the words of Winston Churchill, perfection is the enemy of progress.
2. Ryan will give you handy checklists to help you through each stage of the workshop.
3. BONUS SESSION. Ryan will hold a follow-up Q&A Session one week later to tie up loose ends and make 100% sure your Facebook account is up and running EXACTLY the way it should be.