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Attention Online Marketing Professional:
When Google’s Display Network first came out, numerous denizens of Planet Perry tried it out and pronounced it garbage. A dumping ground for content producers to profit from cheap untargeted traffic. A bonanza for spammers and AdSense system-gamers to make money off of unsuspecting advertisers.
About a year later, I accidentally clicked the Display Network check box in my Google account. I might have easily forgotten all about it or not noticed at all.
But a few days later my Aweber email account was turning out 100 leads per day when 15-20 was normal.
WHOA. One of those rare, not-on-purpose, priceless discoveries.
What happened?
I combed through my campaigns and figured… hey – I switched on the Display Network and look at all these leads!

The leads were less expensive, too.
While I was busy ignoring the Display Network, Google was quietly at work.
That was the day I figured out: Sure, those people weren’t SEARCHING for this, but they found you anyway – somewhere on the Internet, your ads were showing up – and there are LOTS LOTS LOTS more people who can buy from you than will actually search today.
If you want to sell stuff to Buddhists, do you bid on “Buddhism” on Google?
No. That will get you kids who are writing a report on world religions for school.
But there’s at least 100 million Buddhists surfing the web every day.
The Display Network became my favorite fishing hole.
I discovered something else:
The Jet Stream.
The Jet Stream is that fabled place in Google AdWords where, once you cross a certain threshold, your ads show up almost EVERYWHERE. Profitably.
Of course this can exist in a giant mass market like diets (“One trick to a flat belly” and the like) but it also exists within niches. Even industrial equipment or crafts or consulting.

Where you are everywhere.
I love Google’s Display Network. Display Network became my secret weapon. I could burrow down in niches, occupy territory and capture fortresses that most people thought unassailable.
The Neanderthal way to penetrate a market is to jack up your bid price.
And sure, if you are the guy or gal who can outspend all others, you can become the 800 pound gorilla.
But that is not the only way.
Imagine this:
Getting more of your ideal customers affordably is like penetrating a granite fortress on a day where a thick fog shrouds everything and you literally cannot see 3 feet in front of you.
Yes, you can sit there and fire cannon shots into the mist, hoping that one eventually pounds through the mortar.
You hope that if it does get through, you are actually able to somehow know it got through, considering you can’t see a single thing.
Or you could shine some other kind of light at some other frequency, like night goggles, clearly seeing that if you stand on a 20 foot scaffolding and fire your gun at the perfect angle, you take out the castle’s entire electrical system in one shot.

Sky-high click prices? How to penetrate the fortress:
Not only that, there are 40 other angles that could work as well. If you just knew where the general was sleeping, a raven could drop a hand grenade down his chimney and it would all be over. There’s also a window where you can see the king’s chair and a round of bullets would take him out in 12 seconds.
In every market there are MANY angles in.
They just happen to be invisible to you, given the regular tools that everybody has.
But they still exist.
There are still ways.
It might “officially” cost $100 to acquire a customer with brute force, but you can still get ’em for $40 if you use finesse.
And after Google’s “Right Side Wipeout” there are a lot of hunters crying in their teepees right now over the “loss of the happy hunting grounds.”
They look out over the vast plains and lament the “good old days” when the buffalo ranged as far as the eye could see.
If your traffic relied heavily on search…and you weren’t landing in the top 3 spots consistently…you probably got knocked off your horse and are limping around wondering where all the buffalo went.
But the truth is, there are always happy hunting grounds.
If you know where to hunt and how to hunt.
I’ve always liked Google Display Network as a “secret” happy hunting ground.

Unlike search you can still find herds of buffalo, acres of cheap traffic, on display.
Unlike search there’s a lot more room for creativity, for testing, for finding nooks and crannies in the market, for devising strategies that are opaque to…and irreproducible by…your competitors.
Unlike search it’s still a happy hunting ground.

The buffalo still roam fat and free.
If you know where to hunt and how to hunt.
If you haven’t taken a good hard look at your Google Display Network traffic strategy in the last 6 months, you’re letting the buffalo get away. You’re ignoring herds of good traffic.
It might be the MOST underutilized and underappreciated low-cost traffic channel.
And probably 90% of the marketers using it are leaving big money…and big traffic…on the table.
Are you letting your competition eat your buffalo?
Search is linear. Display is exponential.
I remember reading somewhere that the strategy for “We Are the World,” the star-studded charity song written back in the ‘80s, was “get people to hear about it 3 times from 3 different sources in 30 days.”
And PPC advertising is like that today. Except, instead of 3 times from 3 sources in 30 days, you need something like 30 times from 3 sources in 30 days!
You need your audience to think, “Wow, this guy is EVERYWHERE!”
This will be a central teaching tenant of PPC 2.0 in Planet Perry for the foreseeable future.
You must be…or APPEAR to be…everywhere!
And the thing I love most about the Display Network is, when you have a product that’s a fit (and many products do fit!), Google’s capacity to scale your traffic UP is almost frightening.
On the search network, there’s no such thing as “going viral.” But on the Display Network, Google is scanning the terrain for opportunities to show your ads on more and more and more sites.
You must tame the beast – but when you do, lemme tell you, when you hit that “viral” curve on Google Display Network, it’s a tremendous experience.

Module 1: The Many Ways to Exploit GDN Targeting
Behavioral targeting deep dive – “The future of the internet”
How to use Google’s newest feature ‘customer match’ email lists
Managed placements explained & where to find them
How to use the super-powerful Contextual targeting options the right way
How to get clicks for pennies & CTRs over 20% (hint, it’s not YouTube)
How to leverage your new-found remarketing prowess in your existing search campaigns

Module 2: Building Your Campaigns the Right Way from the Ground Up
The slow way
The fast way
the automatic way (the future is here!)
Bid and Budget management tips from the pros
The only 2 paid tools you’ll need for ongoing GDN management
A deep dive into AdWords Editor’s more profitable, traffic-pulling features

Module 3: How to Construct Your Offers, Landing Pages & Ad Design
The power of a big-ticket backend…how to leverage the power of compound interest with the Display Network
Behind the scenes of a multi-million-dollar Display Network funnel
The good, the bad and the ugly…example landing pages
Steal Mike’s landing page checklist
The importance of keeping your visitors happy & why ‘scent’ is important
How to test different ad designs without wasting time and money
Where to ‘borrow’ ideas for interesting ad design
The single most important ad size

Module 4: How to Plan & Measure for Success
How to tie your display strategy to your big-picture business goals and not get mired in the quicksand of AdWords minutia
How to track conversions quickly, accurately and painlessly
The “optimum conversion rate” you must achieve…and why you’ll sputter and flail to reach profitability if you don’t
Steal Mike’s conversion audit checklist
Google’s Tag Manager. Should you use it? Why, and most importantly, how?
How to use call tracking to maximize conversions

Module 5: Advanced Session (Basic+ and VIP Only)
Diving deeper into Gmail ads
The updated YouTube interface, what you need to know
How to use pivot tables to super-charge your account management
How to use ‘similar’ audience lists most effectively and profitably
Advanced campaign settings
More Adwords Editor tips & tricks