Perry Marshall- ScoreCard Sales Funnels

ScoreCard Sales Funnels™ give you the power to…
–    Increase your opt-in rates by delivering more than just information. Now, when a prospect comes to your site asking “Is this right for me?” you can help them answer that question. Rather than saying “here’s a free report, go do some more work to figure out if this is right for you”, you can say, “here’s an answer to the very question you’re asking in your head right now”.
–    Increase your opt-in rates by delivering customized insights. Now, when a prospect comes to your site, you can deliver customized, personalized insight. Your prospect thinks, “This is not one-size-fits-all, this is about ME.” And, oh, how we love the sound of our own name!
–    Speed your time to sale by segmenting your prospects into high/medium/low quality prospects. Rather than stepping them through an autoresponder maze and hoping they click and get tagged into the right sequences, you can do most of that sorting right up front…and begin delivering customized messages based on specific prospect characteristics that they have given to you in the first step!
–    Speed time to sale by increasing the likelihood that your follow-up sales messages, free reports, white papers and webinars get read and watched…because prospects know this is customized to them.
–    Lower your cost-per-sale by weeding out the time wasters and tire kickers that gum up the works of your sales machine.

Name Product: Perry Marshall – ScoreCard Sales Funnels
Market price: $997
Author: Perry Marshall
Size: 328 MB

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