Peter Parks and Andrew Fox – DNA Inner Core
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Author: Peter Parks and Andrew Fox

Here Exactly What You Inside DNA Inner Core For August 2015
Module 1 – “The Six Figure Funnelizer – 7 Juicy ‘Step by Step’ videos how to crank out $10 – $25 k a month from 8 leads
* Peter breaks down one of his multiple six figure income high ticket funnels.
* He shows you the ad he used on FBÆ the landing page VSL, the email sequence, the survey funnel, and the sales letter.
* Everything is revealed to how he did multiple six figures a month from a small list of leads only closing 8 clients a month for $10K and $25,000 for almost 3 years straight.
* The funnel was set up and ran on autopilot with 2 outsourcers and Peter.
* The Devil Is In The Detail- Peter Gives the Farm away

Incredible Immense Level Of Detail Like Never Before
* You’ll learn what works with VSL’s and what doesn’t, what works better is it auto play or manual click and why?
* What to make sure you add in your Video Sales Letter and why
* Why you don’t need to retarget and why you shouldn’t
* What type of surveys work and don’t work and the results
* The exact questions to ask in your survey
* Full Process Map and Handout Included

Module 2: “A Player Magic”- Scaling your business to $10,000,00 leveraging other peoples talent By Peter Parks
* The 3 things you have to make sure are on the table when hiring A players and not lose them
* How to get A players to sell themselves to you without you having to sell them
* How to hire A players using these criteria which many many many entrepreneurs drop the ball on
* Where to find A players for different positions in your company
* How to train A players once you bring them onboard
How to get A players to recruit, hire, train, other A players and what resources to use

Module 3 – “6 figure Udemi Traffic” – The Hidden Goldmine of Traffic No One Else Talks About- By Peter Parks
* Learn how to work with one of the biggest traffic sources for the cheapest rates
* Learn which offers to promote and which offers to stay away from. Get this right and its six figures, get this wrong and its wind blowing dust around
* The secret to building leads into the thousands for just a couple hundred bucks

Module 4: “Maximum Outsource Output” Grow to 7 and 8 figures fast By Peter Parks
* Learn how to build your outsourcing workforce to 7 and multiple 8 figures using the strategies, following a specific process and the exact tools and resources Peter shares with you that has worked for his clients, and other highly successful entrepreneurs.
* Why you need to hire Media buyers contractors Full time if you ever hope to scale your business past 7 figures
* What campaign management specialist know that you don’t and why you need them
* What classic blunders to stay away from when looking to hire specialist
* Where to hire your outsourcing workforce and why? this topic is a highly charged topic and Peter shares his experience as to where and why he goes to this talented pool
* Why you need to keep your departments for outsourcers small and do the complete opposite of what the market does
* What do you need for outsourcers, is it coders?, SEO?, graphic design?, content syndication?, Social media?, watch and listen as Peter spills the beans on what works, what doesn’t, whats important to get right away and what to stay away from
* Resources that work like crazy to get the best talented individuals

Module 5: “Recurring Revenue Animal” Launching Zapable – $789,453.26 Recurring Revenue and reverse engineering your way to a $50 million exit (1 hour 9 mins Recorded LIVE from $25,000.00 yacht mastermind)
* How a $2 BILLION dollar widget (That you could build) helped inspire the creation of Zapable
* What you must have to successfully launch a $789,453.26 recurring front end product in JV Zoo or other networks
* How valuations work in Silicon Valley, and transitioning from Internet Marketing to Silicon Valley
* What is a Seed Round typical funding level amount and and how to transition to Series A, B ,C D
* What key factors investors will look for and will instantly fail you on if you don’t have them
* Why Raising money (even if you don’t need it) can skyrocket the valuation of your company.
* $3.57 Billion Case study – How Two Irish brothers disrupted the entire payment processing industry and became billionaires
* How to leverage your customers to build your company and brand while helping them succeed (Win/Win)
* What are good “hooks” to build into your software product/ service so people will find it very difficult to leave you
* Why user adoption, branding and reputation management is essential to growing big

Module 6 – “Million Dollar Product Launch Copy” – Breakdown of the $1.42 Million Dollar Easy Sketch Pro Sales Copy (1 hour 28 minutes taken from $5,000 per person San Diego workshop)
* Why learning sales copy is one of the two biggest skills to learn in your quest to financial freedom
* The THREE key resources I used to learn how to write multi – million dollar copy which costs less than $100 (Its so cheap it’s almost laughable)
* Why sales copy fundamentals have remained the same but how the layout and design has changed

Over $24,392.31 of Value Awaits You Inside DNA Inner Core – You Have Two Options Of Core Membership – Gold and Platinum And We Will Let You Get Started for FREE! (Well nearly.)

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