Ranking Miracle in a nutshell (nothing miraculous): A very straight forward program that goes over some very specific ways to do basic SEO. Lessons are provided in 5 modules, each consisting of several videos that go over what to do and how to set things up. Most of the training in the modules goes over:
Picking out niches.
How to set up websites and plugins (WordPress), hosting, settings for your site and more.
How to find competitors backlinks and build your own.
A lot of focus on backlinks through many legitimate methods and some I don’t agree with.
Advanced training outside the modules goes over many other things such as hiring SEO experts, doing local SEO work, product creation and more.

The good thing about this program which really did it for me was how the focus of the training mentioned NOT to engage in anything black hat and to build a good business.
Module 1: In this area, there are 6 videos that go over the preparations of setting up an online business and understand SEO. In this section, there isn’t so much work as there is the explanation of what you’ll be doing and the aim of the lessons is to help you understand why you’re building what you’re building. I actually found this very important as it helps you establish realistic perspectives right away.
Realistic perspectives doesn’t mean you aim to make little money. Not at all. It just explains how to get started of on the right footing so you don’t make the same mistakes the majority of others make (Chasing the quick cash and black hat systems).
Module 2: There are 5 videos here which add to the first module. Here you are told about writing on your site, how often, things your site could get in trouble for (again blackhat, backlinking the wrong way, poor content quality, ect…) and overall why and how to write the kind of content on your site that will get you ranked high and people will enjoy reading.
Module 3: There’s 4 videos in this section and they go over how to accumulate writing ideas such as becoming an expert on niche topics through using article directories, accumulating knowledge and using that information to become more knowledgeable and use it on your own page. Another part of the training explains how to find backlinks competitors are using and how to use them on your own site as well to get ranked high.
Module 4: This one is called “backlink mania” which really had me worried because it’s such a grey area. 4 videos are in this area and what you learn to do is creating a network of other pages and linking them back to your site. They call this a link pyramid and some of what is taught here is basically a form of creating a PBN (private blog network).
Other strategies involve using things I DO agree with such as sharing your site on social networks. There is also talk of sharing pages multiple times to have them pop up in front of others when they log into their social network page so there’s more chances of the re-sharing/liking it.
Module 5: The last major module of this series has 5 videos and it talks about the long term goal of SEO and how to do things such as create squeeze pages and sales funnels through your sites. It also concludes the training and explains the big picture of how well of an online business you can create out of this whole system.
Other training and what’s inside:rankingmiraclebonustraining
The other area of the training in this program is in the bonus training section and truth be told, there’s actually more content there than in the 5 modules. There is a ton of information on a lot of different subjects.

Before I explain that area, the other parts of the site are there are as regular bonuses:
1. RM VIP: Just a page with your log in information and settings.
2. Tools and graphics. You get some cool squeeze page templates you can use on your own site.
3. Special offers. It’s an optional add on where you can buy one of 4 things: PLR books to give away and/or learn from to enhance your own knowledge of a niche topic, a wordpress video tutorial program, some e-bay auction guide and a re-seller guide which I have no idea how to even describe.

So setting that aside, we can focus on the bonus training:
Affiliate basics: 7 videos which talk about tips on being a good affiliate marketer, places to become partnered with, how to set up your SEO site when you review products to promote (or just talk about) and more.
WordPress Basics: Very simple tutorials (11 videos) on the most basic ways to handle your WP site. Everything from changing themes, to adding new posts, updating the site and more. There’s nothing really special here, but it does help to have it in that area instead of looking for it elsewhere.
Local marketing: Now this section was a bit interesting because half of it was really basic on setting up websites, choosing niche markets and really content that I believe should have been included in the first module. If it were, I’d say the whole program would be more beginner friendly, but because it isn’t, I can’t.
And while half of the content isn’t directly related to local marketing, the other half is and what you’ll learn is how to attract clients, make money by them hiring you and a lot of basic things.

Technical training: 17 videos on a variety of topics:
Creating YouTube videos, finding domain name ideas, getting started with email marketing through Aweber. There is also a lot of technical videos on things like cPanel navigation, setting up nameservers, transferring files through FTP programs and a lot of website set up details.
There is also training on creating WSO (Warrior Special offers) on a website called Warrior Forum, but that really only deals with topics related to making money online. I once tried selling a weight loss guide there back when I first got started with the business and it didn’t work out so well!
On all the tutorials on setting up websites, this training is really an old approach and while it’s good for beginners, I personally can’t stand dealing with all that. When I make websites, I use the easiest approach I know and it really makes knowing all of the other things above unnecessary.

YouTube Basics: Just 1 video on getting started with YouTube.
Profit from Services: Now this part I liked. Another large section of videos (17) where you learn about selling your own services online and making money that way. There is also a section on earning money from writing on places like IWriter.com. Really, this whole section is going to provide a ton of ideas on how you can expand on your knowledge in any field and put it to use online.
Info Product Creation: 16 videos on pretty much the whole process and formula of creating and selling your own product online. This is different from affiliate marketing, because you can get others to sell it for you or even create the product if you have the right resources which this section will show you all about.
Private Labels rights profits: A section which has 14 videos on utilizing PLR books and using them to create a sales funnel. Basically you can use them as an incentive for people to sign up to your email list and then give it away. I would caution people in this section as a lot of PLR information out there is very dated at times so unless the information is always going to be at the top (like health related topics), I wouldn’t focus too much on this. Most of the time, any free content I give away is written by me especially in niche topics that need to constantly be revised/updated (Make money online for example).
The Ultimate Sales Funnel (17 videos): I don’t think this should be considered ultimate, but it’s very standard. You learn how to collect email lists using the most traditional approach there is: Squeeze pages. People sign up on the page. You send them free stuff (PLR stuff usually) and then keep their email for future connections/sales.

A LOT of information and informative videos provides. I’d say there’s close to a 100 videos in the whole program.
Some of the bonus giveaways will make excellent assets for your business.
A lot of all across the board training in more than just SEO.
Most of the methods are very white hat and the programs creator is against black hat operations.
You can download every video on the site.

I don’t think this program is suitable for complete beginners. A lot of the videos explain things and topics in a way where the background information that isn’t mentioned is sort of expected to be known.
Only videos available. No text option.
The videos do not have the full screen option and sometimes it’s difficult to see the words shown.
Some of the training focuses too much on backlinks. I would have preferred they really get into keywords and other content.

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