Name Product: Raphael Kellman – Microbiome Medicine Summit 2016
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According to research we are 50% bacteria! These trillions of organisms (known collectively as the microbiome) live all over our bodies and have a profound influence on our health. But what do you know about your microbiome? Understanding your microbiome is vitally important to understanding how to live a healthy life! This is especially true for people suffering from chronic diseases of the heart and digestive system, autoimmune disease, diabetes, thyroid disorders and more.

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Did you know?
This information about the microbiome could help you:
Strengthening your immune system
Reducing inflammation
Impacting genetic expression
Improving metabolism
Controlling caloric absorption
Guiding your brain
And more!


James Maskell
Critical Role of the Microbiome in the Future of Medicine

Raphael Kellman, MD
The Microbiome: The Next Revolution in Modern Medicine

Sayer Ji
Macro Implications of Your Microbiome

Joseph Mercola, DO
The Basic Ways to a Healthy Microbiome

Mark Hyman, MD
Bidirectional Relationship Between Glucose Fat and Microbiome

Alisa Vitti, HHC, AADP
Women’s Health and Being in Partnership with Your Body

Aviva Romm, MD
Connecting Women’s Health and Your Microbiome

Mark A. Nesselson, MD
Impact of the Microbiome on Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood Development

Kenneth Bock, MD
Microbiome, Inflammation and Toxicity in Developmental and Other Pediatric Disorders

Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD
The Common Misconceptions of Germs

Brenda Watson, CNC
Digestive Care: Losing Weight Without the Sugar and Carbs

Noah De Koyer, DC
The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Building a Healthy Microbiome

Summer Bock
The Power of Fermented Foods

Gerard Mullin, MD
New Dietary Approaches for Effective Weight Loss

Dave Asprey
Dieting the Bulletproof Way

Jessica Richman
Ubiome: Tests and Tools for Health Microbiome

Eric Zielinski, DC, MPH©
Healing Your Skin with Essential Oils

Gerry Curatola, DDS
The Microbiome in Your Mouth

Kara Fitzgerald, ND
A Key Player in the Microbiome: The Skin

David Perlmutter, MD
The Microbiome’s Influence on Your Brain

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD
New Research to Improve Brain Function and Neurodevelopmental Degenerative Disorders

Max Lugavere
How to Improve Your Neurological Health

Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD
Relationship Between Gut Health, Mental Disorders and Mental Clarity

Julie Matthews, CNC
How Beneficial Bacteria Can Help Children with Autism

Amy Myers, MD
Taking Control of Your Autoimmune Disorder

Jill Carnahan, MD, Functional Medicine
Connection Between the Microbiome and Autoimmune Diseases

Izabella Wentz, PharmD
Improve Your Thyroid Functions by Focusing on Your Microbiome

Leo Galland, MD
The Allergy Solution for a Healthy Microbiome

Donna Gates, MEd, ABAAHP
The Power of Developing a Strong Inner Ecosystem

Larry Dossey, MD
How Consciousness and Mindset Affect the Microbiome and Overall Health

Heather White
Humans, Bacteria, and the Environment: How we are all Interconnected

Deepak Chopra, MD
How Thoughts, Feelings, and Environment Influence Gene Expression

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, Nutritionist
Parasites May be the Hidden Cause of Your Health Issues

Name Product: Raphael Kellman – Microbiome Medicine Summit 2016
Market price: $139
Author: Raphael Kellman
Home sale:
Download here: