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Author: Ray Higdon
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People tend to wonder if there is a shortcut to ‘success’ and there is…
It’s Investing in Your Business Education…
I certainly don’t know everything but what I DO Know is that I can always improve, especially in the areas where I Want to Grow and have struggled with…
Instead of trying to figure it out all by myself… I invest in education to help me get ahead further, faster…
Which is why I invested in this training course today…
Here’s a Quick Video Review so you can see if this Course will help you in your Business As Well…

Ray Hidgon Total Recruiting Mastery Course – Bonus Recap
Just to re-Cap the Bonuses for Purchasing The Course (You can Purchase Before April 22 for only $197. Price Goes up by $100 on April 22, 2016.
So by the Time you see this Review The Course will more than likely be $297.
You will still get the Bonuses when you purchase during the Launch Phase so I would Act Quickly IF You want to improve in the areas that this Course Focuses on.
Time Sensitive: Bonus one and Two are time Sensitive But I believe the Recordings will be included in the Bonus section of the course if you purchase After the Launch Window.

Live Webinar – Micro-Coach Cash Machine
Live Webinar – MLM Transition Formula
How to Recruit and Close Your Prospects
Cold Marketing Recruiting & Prospecting
Maintaining Your Power
Prospecting Power Up
I will Be Posting a Playback Link to the Webinar as soon as I am in possession of it.
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