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Hey, I thought you’d like to hear this story. A CopyHour member and now one of my business partners, Ian Stanley recently made $46,000 for rewriting one little section of a sales page for a client (in the fitness industry). And it took him about 2 hours to do it. And the $46K is just the first paycheck he received. As his rewrite bumps conversion rates, he’ll make more. Ultimately, Ian could end up netting over $100,000.
Now, there are couple important things going on:
Point #1:
Those 2 hours don’t take into account several years of hard work, education and copywriting experience.
Like any career, the time you invest in the beginning only really starts to pay off down the line.
But… there aren’t many careers (or skills you can build) that allow you to make $50K an hour even after you’ve established yourself.
As an example I have a good friend who’s a plastic surgeon. When he’s in surgery (actually hands on working) he makes about $3,500 an hour.
Point #2:
Why would a company pay someone this much simply to rewrite a small section of a sales page?
The simple answer: because it makes economic sense.
These small tweaks were worth millions to them so $46K is a drop in the bucket…. and $100K will also be a nominal fee if the rewrites produce further percentage bumps in sales.
The real take-home: having the ability to write a sales page (sales letter or VSL) is an extremely valuable skill… potentially $50K per hour valuable for the copywriter and much more for the business owner.
Think about it: if one section of a sales page is worth over $100K just to rewrite… imagine what the entire sales page is worth.
This is an extreme example for some, I know that.
But whatever your goal might be with writing copy, I want you to know what a converting sales page is really worth.
In our training seminar tomorrow I’ll talk all about this little section that Ian rewrote, and show you how to write a sales page (or homepage) from start to finish.
The seminar is tomorrow, Tuesday January 31st at 1pm PST / 4pm EST
You’ll learn the 14 critical building blocks that make up a successful sales page.
And how to stack these 14 building blocks in the correct order so you have a Sales Message Structure that is *almost* guaranteed to pull in sales.
On top of the 14 building blocks you’ll learn:
– How to do Research and come up withe Big Idea behind your sales page
– How to write a Headline for your sales page
– How to start or open your message
– What to say in the “middle” or “meat” of your sales page
– How to introduce your product and describe its features and benefits
– How to close a sales page and get the sale.
You’ll be able to use this structure and these 14 building blocks for your homepage, a product sales page, a traditional long-form sales letter, a VSL, or even a webinar.
And I’ll throw in a great complimentary gift for those that purchase:
Grab my quick-n-easy automated webinar funnel campaign. You could literally take this funnel, the templates we’ve provided, and what you’ll learn in this sales message training and charge a client a small fortune to set it all up.
So you’ll get this ~2.5 hour training seminar on writing a sales page end to end, templates, transcripts, plus the bonus automated webinar funnel campaign ($100 value) for just $50.
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After the seminar we’ll send you all the materials for download and future reference.
Hope to see you there!

Derek Johanson

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