Name Product: Rob Jordan – Digital Product Fast Lane
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Author: Rob Jordan
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Discover how this guy went from
sofa surfing to creating a dead simple
3 step process that made $1,755.94…
…in less than 24 hours!

From the desk of Rob Jordan
RE: Get paid for simple digital products, the golden rules and simple process are here!
Want to know how I made $1,755.94 in less than a day? Read on…
Anyone who has been around internet marketing for any period of time KNOWS that to create your own wealth you need to have a system and you need to have a product. Fact.
But you’re worried you don’t have anything to say. You’re worried people will think you’re a fraud. You stop yourself creating anything because well.just why would people listen to YOU!?
But there’s got to be an easier way you say.

Sure, you could stick with some affiliate marketing and be at the whim of other product creators.
Is that really sustainable for you? Do you always want to be dependent upon someone else to be there to create great offers that your list might or might not like?
The truth is, even the SUPER AFFILIATES have their own products these days. Why?
“By far the best way to make money online”
“I launch digital products for my clients all the time, so I get to be part of some crazy online success stories.
This is absolutely the definitive guide to the exact formula I’ve seen work time and time again.
Buy it now if you want the complete and most concise guide to making it big online. You don’t want to miss this.”
Simon Harries
Launch & Affiliate Marketing Expert
Think about it. Look at how you can make money with your own product.
From sales of the product itself;
to one time offers associated with it;
to building a list of BUYERS;
to back end sales and;
to affiliate offers being recommended to that list
the list goes on!
So just how do you get a piece of this pie without having to spend days and weeks spinning your wheels and jumping from pillar to post to get something – anything – done?
Now you can create your own information products quickly and easily with
Digital Product Fastlane!
This detailed video training has been created to provide you with the framework to quickly and easily create products time and again that your customers are going to love you for.
Face it; you know you can do this. Everyone else is doing it, so why can’t you?
You just need someone to show you the shortcut. You just need the process.You need a product creation SYSTEM!
Here are some of the problems this comprehensive training solves quickly and easily:
Don’t know how to pick a niche? We nail that first.
Want to know how to create a full product in a handful of hours? No problem, we have you covered.
Don’t know how to structure your offering so it flows properly? Easy, we cover that too.
How about a video presentation? Done, we’ve given you the framework right here.
You’ve got so much knowledge in your head, how do you know what to write about and keep it to the point? One of the trickiest challenges but we sort that out for you.
Worried about what tools you might need? Simple. We show you the best free tools to get you started.
Want to kick it up a notch and ensure your creations look slick and professional? Effortless.
It’s all right here in Digital Product Fastlane!
But why would you listen to me?
Because I’ve done this and I can teach you how!
My name is Rob Jordan and I wasn’t always able to claim I had 4 figure paydays and a 5 figure per month regular income.
The truth is I was going from sofa to sofa and sleeping on friend’s floors. I have slept in my car on more occasions than I care to remember.
I acquired a taste for plain boiled spaghetti because it was all I could afford for such a long time.
In fact, even today when I have spaghetti for dinner I’ll have some plain off the side of the dish just as a little reminder to myself! (true story). It definitely keeps me grounded.
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel!
I’ve done all sorts of jobs from fitting carpets to working in kid’s play areas to stacking shelves.
I had always wanted to capitalize on the “computer” experience I had from the Spectrum 48k my Dad bought me when I was 7!
I worked for Disney opening Disneyland Paris in 1992. I took internships working for free to get experience. I’ve done financial services, writing boring pensions reports.
I knew if I just kept going I’d find something that I enjoyed and that paid me well. It took me quite a few attempts but I finally got there.
I got into software testing. Worked my way up. Started my own company. Started another. Went global.
Through all of this I learned about persistence and reward. I learned about determination and sheer force of will being all you need to make your own luck.
More than this, I learned about patterns and repetitive processes and shortcuts to your desired outcome.
I’ve learned you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to be successful. We’ve all heard about just needing to model something to be successful. Well, I lived it. I still live it today.

And it works.
Digital Product Fastlane [Evergreen]
You don’t need to personally fail to learn the lessons of failure – there’s a quicker way!
I am now a certified digital marketer and have been in the business of making a lot of money for my clients for over a decade.
I have worked with global brands delivering tens of millions of dollars of income and improvements to their businesses.
I’ve made product creation a core part of my service both online and offline and have watched my bottom line grow and grow. I’ve charged over $25,000 for some products!
Not only have I worked with global brands, I’ve also worked directly with parenting bloggers, beauty bloggers, property developers, travel writers; you name it and I’ve likely done it.
And I’ve seen that it is possible to change lives, your own and your family’s lives – and others too – if you go about things in the right wayOne thing became very clear to me. No matter who you are, no matter what your niche, no matter what your level of experience, everyone has the ability to write something of value and share it with the world.
Why not get paid, and get paid well, to do just that?
All you need is the system. Step by step.

Name Product: Rob Jordan – Digital Product Fast Lane
Market price: $47
Author: Rob Jordan
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