Ron Happe (The Note Mogul Team) – Real Estate Note Investing Virtual Bootcamp
Ron Happe (The Note Mogul Team) – Real Estate Note Investing Virtual Bootcamp
Price: $497
You Just Pay: $67   
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Let’s Skip The Hype And Get REAL
Dreaming is great, but results are better.
Everything you see today claims that you need little to no money down, promises ridiculous returns, and says it can all be done in a very short amount of time.
Also, you can’t run into one of these ads or courses without just getting an uneasy feeling about either the person running it or what they will do with your payment information after they get it. You’re not even sure if their business will be open tomorrow!
Now, there is some good information out there. But the bad information, which has ruined lives and wrecked bank accounts, has ruined it for almost everyone to where no one will trust anything they see about real estate investing.
Notes are our business. The team at Main Street has over 65 years of combined experience in the note industry. We buy hundreds of notes each month. And frankly, we have no interest in being the next guru or selling an over priced seminar. We help shape successful investors that we want to do business with. So I’ll cut through the smoke and shoot you straight. Because that’s what we expect from our investors.
The truth is: It takes time. It takes money. It takes hard work.
We have put a lot of all three into building our business, and now we would like to bring that experience to you.
Note investing is one of the most profitable and fulfilling investments in the market today. Being able to keep someone in their home and still make money, without distressing them, is a very satisfying feeling.
We have the opportunity to change the way people view and do real estate note investing. You can think of this as the honest person’s no-nonsense course on note investing.

Here’s What You’ll Learn
How To Start a MILLION DOLLAR Fund
Gain Your Own Back Office Support
Passively Invest in Notes
Increase Yields of Your Note Portfolios
Streamline the Process for Purchasing MORE Notes
Create wealth with A Real Estate Secured Portfolio
Risk Management, Borrower Communication, and Profit Projection

Determine the Value of a Note—before you ever buy
Raise Money to Purchase Notes & Other Investments
Use “Money Math” to INCREASE your Yields
Navigate New Regulations (Dodd-Frank)
Master the Workout Process
Effectively & Properly Source Notes
Use bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Other “Negative Acts” to your Benefit

What You Get When You Join Today
Note Mogul Video Training
In all our video courses you get more bang for your buck than any other place we know of for Real Estate Note Investing training. Each of the 26 core modules is designed to take you through all you need to know to do transactions of any size in the market you choose!
20+ Hours of Bonus Videos
School is never out for the successful real estate investor. After their core training, students can dig deeper into the module topics with over 20 hours of in-depth bonus videos, as well as interviews from experts in their field.
You’ll Also Get
Investor Knowledgebase
You’ll find the collaborative knowledge and experience of your peers to be a valuable asset. Our wiki-style knowledge base is your tool for answers to common questions, updated and refined to offer the most relevant information. (coming soon)
Direct Access To Notes Deals
If it’s deals you are looking for, skip the cold calls and pick through our ever growing and changing inventory of nonperforming and reperforming loans. You’ll find each opportunity priced to offer the yields consistent with your target.

Ron Happe (The Note Mogul Team) – Real Estate Note Investing Virtual Bootcamp
Price: $497
You Just Pay: $67   
SalesPage (more info)
Contact Me: [email protected] Or Skype_Macbus87
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