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Let me show you the exact, proven blueprint I used to transform my failing business into a money-generating machine that only requires 2 hours of my attention per week!
And now, introducing…
The Work The System Academy

The Work The System Academy is an online training program, and it’s unlike any other program you’ve seen in the often hype-filled internet. The Academy is designed to take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how within only 90 days you will be working less (probably much less), and making more (probably much more).
This isn’t theory! Through the Academy, I will personally guide you through implementing the Work the System Methodology in YOUR business.
The Academy picks up where the book left off
Remember when you first learned to ride a bike? I bet there was somebody (for me, it was my dad) holding onto the back of the seat, balancing the bike for you until you got the hang of it. Right? You weren’t aware of it, but with each successive attempt, your teacher would loosen the grip just a bit more until, BOOM! There you were, riding all by yourself.

Well, that’s the Work the System Academy. I am going to hold the bike steady while you learn to ride. Until now, my personal guidance was only available through our high-end consulting. But through the Academy, you will have me as your personal guide, taking you from overworked, stressed, and underpaid, to freedom, peace of mind, and making more money in only about 90 days.
The Work The System Methodology is the closest thing there has ever been to an “easy button” for entrepreneurs.
The Work The System Methodology is made up of three main components

These are the documents that will guide you to your destination of working less and making more! They seem simple enough, right? Creating these three documents is easy, but creating them in the way that they radically transform your business takes skill and insight, and that’s exactly what I’m going to give you through the academy.
As a participant in the Work The System Academy, you will be getting help from me, the architect of this methodology, and it will skyrocket your chances of success!
With my guidance, I will share the nuanced details of the methodology and show you how to create the core documents that WILL turn your business into a money-generating machine that gives you all the freedom you desire.

First you work your systems.
Then your systems do the work.
Ok, so how does the Work The System Academy help me get this done?
In the Academy I will go into detail to help you…

Discover the mindset that ALL successful entrepreneurs have, and then I’ll show you how to quickly develop the exact same mindset. You will discover the secret to viewing your business and life from an outside-and-slightly-elevated, system-improvement perspective – this is critical.
Pinpoint and describe specific goals for your business, job, and life. And then define the methods you will use to achieve those goals. This is the process we will use to craft a powerful Strategic Objective. Not just any Strategic Objective, but one that makes you money.
Create your personal collection of General Operating Principles. These Operating Principles are far more than just mere words on paper. I will teach you how to design them to control decision making. Yes, decision making that does NOT require your input.
Define which of your specific systems are in need of improvement, and which should be discarded. Not only will I help you identify which systems need improvement, but I’ll also show you the specific steps you need to take to permanently improve them for maximum results.
Dissect each system into its most fundamental components. For your business or your job, describe each system on paper in a 1-2- 3-step format. You can do all the right things, but if you’re doing them in the wrong order, you might as well not even do them. I’ll show you the quick and simple method for getting each of your systems documented.
Improve the efficiency of the component steps, one system at a time, leaning hard toward stark simplicity. What good are systems if they are so complex that no one can follow them? I will show you how to change sequences and add or delete steps as necessary, so that we make each of your systems perfect.
Document each system into a Working Procedure in order to ensure the continuity of your systems for your business. I’ll reveal how to create Working Procedures that are “off the street” ready. You want perfect systems executing 100% of the time.
Put the new Working Procedures into play and tend to them on a regular basis, inspecting and tweaking as necessary.
Tie your three core documents (Strategic Objective, Operating Principles, & Working Procedures) into one cohesive system that puts your business in a position for rapid scale expansion. You have created your very own “easy button” for business growth!

Here’s how it works…
Once you are an exclusive member of the Work The System Academy, you will gain instant – lifetime – access to the Academy Training Portal. Here you will receive the following:
19 videos – outlining in unprecedented detail – the steps necessary to implement the Work The System Methodology.
A written transcript of each video lesson.
A training guide for each lesson to ensure you get maximum results from each session.
19 “Do It Now” worksheets – one for each lesson. These worksheets will give you quick action exercises to ensure you’re on the right path.
8 – never released – sample documents from which you can model your Core Documents. Only our high-end consulting clients have been given access to these in the past.
Our Powerful Procedure Identification Guide
Unlimited Email Support (for 90 days)
One page Working Procedure Brainstorm sheet to give you a quick jumpstart
WTSA Fast Progress Reference Guide
Business Documentation: Strategic Objective Template and Samples
Business Documentation: Operating Principles Samples
Business Documentation: Working Procedures Samples
Personal Documentation: Personal Strategic Objective Template
Personal Documentation: Personal Working Procedure Brainstorm Sheet
One page Progress Checker to ensure you’re on the right track

We have included every possible tool you’ll need to make this life-altering change in your business.
It is best if you start at the beginning and work systematically through the lessons and assignments, but you have free reign inside the member’s area. Most business owners can complete the Academy training within 60-90 days…and you get it for life!

Name Product: Roy H. Williams – Work The System Academy
Market price: $197
Author: Roy H. Williams
Website Sale: