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Name Product: Russ Ruffino – Video Sales Firestorm
COST: US $97
Author: Russ Ruffino
Size: 486 MB

Video Sales Firestorm teaches how to make a good video to convince a buyer to push the BuyNow Button.
Video Sales Firestorm!, contains the following modules –
Module One: Introduction (15 minutes)
A quick (and painless) Intro to –
Russ and the Course Contents.
Russ has mentioned on his blog that he hates long-winded sloooooooooooow video courses,
and he does his best to NOT fall into this trap.

Module Two: Are You Still Thinking? (21 minutes)
A timely warning to not fall into the Trap of a totally mechanical approach to marketing.
This video goes into selling with passion and brains,
rather than mechanically copying old guru templates.

Module Three: Affiliates – Pre-Selling with Videos (26 minutes)
Pre-selling as an affiliate using video,and –
how to build the resources, experience (and confidence) to create and sell your own products.
A possible antidote to future google slaps and cookie-cutter review sites burn-out –
by using valuable reviews and real comments aka Being Social.

Module Four: Selling Through Story (11 minutes)
Using a “Good Story” to convert far better than a conventional sales letter.

Module Five: Video Sales Letters Step-By-Step (33 minutes)
A step-by-step guide to an effective video-sales-letter.
With an option to buy a custom Video Sales Letter.
Pricey, but probably worth it.

Module Six: Ninja Tactics (9 minutes)
Advanced Tactics –
using images, grabbers, value ladders, “real” scarcity, etc…
Includes a special offer from Swiss Made Marketing.

Module Seven: Logistics and the Ultimate Sales Funnel (22 minutes)
Analyzes a real launch AND recruits affiliates for a quality product that is currently under-promoted,
and looks like a high converting setup that uses Perpertual Launch Mode.
Featuring an interview with the product owner – unique!
(That both walks you through his Sales Funnel and tries to recruit you as an affiliate.)
This is a very neat twist that delivers added value.

Also, this course contains some Great Resources (some of which I wasn’t aware of before) –
some free and some paid.
A different kind of upselling –
but all Quality stuff and pitched in way that doesn’t insult your intelligence.
All the PowerPoint slides are downloadable, as well as some scripts.

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