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What Will I Learn?
Learn a step by step system to create a passive income on eBay
Create a passive online income using the eBay platform
Learn how to sell any item profitably on eBay
Learn how to upscale this method from a part-time income to a fully blown career
Learn the marketing secrets that will help you on your journey to finding financial freedom online
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You will need to have a registered eBay and PayPal account
Once you register for your eBay and PayPal account, log into eBay and hover over the ‘My eBay’ tab on the top right hand corner of eBay’s website and click on the ‘my eBay tab’. Then hover over the ‘Account’ tab, find where it says ‘PayPal account’ hover over that and follow the instructions to link your eBay account to PayPal
Throughout this course I will be speaking about marketing and how you can use different marketing approaches to improve the conversions of your eBay listings. You will need to be able to adopt the mind-set of a marketer when undergoing this course and when listing items for sale n eBay effectively
An internet connection and a computer or laptop device
If you are new to eBay and you do not have much of a start up budget, I recomend that you find an item or items that you own or no longer need that you could sell on ebay as a way to test hat you will learn in this course but also as a way to generate finance to reinvest into your business
You will need to think about something you are passionate about or very knowledgeable about, I will explain why in more detail within the course however his will form the basis of your eBay business as you provide products to people around you area of expertise allowing you to establish an authority on eBay
Updated: Course has been updated as of 1st May 2015!
In this course you will learn the fundamentals to creating the kinds of eBay listings that attract the most amount of attention and convert the most amount of visitors into sales. Even if you have never made a single penny on eBay before I will walk you through the process of how to create a profitable eBay business that generates a passive income for you.
Around 17 million unique visitors log in to eBay each month which is equivalent to one in two online buyers in the UK alone.
This creates a huge business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are willing to learn the fundamentals to effectively marketing their products to online customers who are desperately trying to find reliable eBay sellers.
About this course:
A community of 240 and counting students already taking this course
No experience required
You can make your first sale before you have even had to spend a penny
Any questions you can pop me over a question on Udemy and I will help you out
Course is often updated with the most relevant information
You will learn how to:
Make your products reach customers from all across the globe
Ensure that your listing attracts the most amount of customers
Sell an item on eBay for the most amount of money possible
Never get scammed by wholesalers on eBay
You can start using this method instantly to create a passive income on eBay that you can upscale and even turn into your own website.
Sir Alan sugar (Star of the UK’s apprentice) started his multi-million pound business by selling goods on a market stall in the UK. With eBay now at our fingertips we are no longer limited to only selling within our locality and you can literally start a successful international business from the comfort of our home with a few strokes of a keyboard. It really is that simple, but it will require hard work, determination and the right education.
If you are looking to get rich overnight then I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere. However, if you are the type of person who is willing to learn, grow and put in the time required then this course is defiantly for you.I will be walking you step by step through the process of how to skyrocket your eBay business and stay ahead of your competition.
So what are you waiting for? Purchase today and I will see you inside.
Sam Dey
Who is the target audience?
Everyone trying to start, grow or expand an eBay business should take this course
Anyone looking for a get rich quick course should not take this course
If you are willing to grow a sustainable eBay business you should take this course

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