Sean Terry’s – $100K Wholesaler 4 Week Advanced Master Class
Sean Terry – $100K Wholesaler (Advanced Master Class)
Price: $997
You Just Pay: $97
Home sale:

Discover How YOU Can Scale Your House Flipping Business
from ZERO to $100,000 a Month
in 18 Months or Less…

see how Zach makes 40k in a month
Wholesaling Houses

Alright, here’s what you’ll get when you join the $100K Wholesaler’s Master Class:
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Week 1
The BIG PICTURE: Your VISION, You Have to Know Where You’re Going First
Understanding the Numbers:  How to Reverse Engineer Your Goals
What KPI are the Most Important to Manage and Scale Your Business to a $100K a Month
How to Build a HUGE Responsive Buyers EMAIL List.
Discover the BEST Email Platform to Deliver Thousands of Emails at a Press of a Button.
I’ll Give you MY Adwords Campaign to Upload so You Can Start Getting Leads Online ASAP (Over a $200,000 Value)
PLUS You’ll get my Adwords Buyers Campaign for the Google Push: Leads 24/7
Discover How to Add The Most Effective Marketing Channels for Explosive Growth
Swipe My Highest Converting Buyers Website
Lean How to Get Perpetual FREE Leads Online for Buyers and Sellers

Week 2
How to Read People Like a Book to Increase Conversion
Using the Custom Covert Intuitive Presentation to Eliminate the Competition
Understanding and Using the Objection Annihilation Method
Discover an Advanced Hyper Effective Strategy for Maximizing Each Lead for Increasing Profits
How and Why We Use the “Agreement for Sale” and the “Contract for Deed”
How to Prep Your Closing Agent for Creative Closings
In Depth Property Analysis
Identifying the Right Lead So You’re Not Playing a Guessing Game
Negotiating the Deal With the Seller (The Pitch)
Writing Up the Contract: Exact Verbiage and Contracts I Use.
Marketing the Property to the Right Seller for a Fast Sale.
Negotiating With the Buyer and Writing Up the Contract.
Assigning the Contract for a HUGE Fast Profit
Closing Day: What to Expect and What to Watch Out For

Week 3
How to Hire Rock Stars to Run Your Business So You Can Have Amazing Balance.
Understanding their Positions and Responsibilities.
Where to Find the Best Rock-stars
Using the Kolbe Test:  The Theory and Application
How to Create the Right Expectation
Access to My Employment Contract
Using Systems to Have Your Business Run on Autopilot
The Best Payroll Company and Why They Will Make Your Life Super Easy
Managing Your Time with Your Team

Week 4
Setting Up Podio for Fast Implementation
How to Manage Your Team with Podio
App Integration with Podio to Make it Seamless
Discover the Best Business Structure to Maximize Profits and Reduce Taxes
How to Gain Massive Traction Through Weekly, Quarterly and Annually Meetings
Managing Your Money and Expenses for Maximum Profit

Sean Terry – $100K Wholesaler(Advanced Master Class)
Price: $997
You Just Pay: $97
Home sale:
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