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Recruiting Made Simple
Even If You’re Shy And Introverted
The most effective way to get customers, build your story, sponsor new reps and build your team!

If I just felt more comfortable talking with people and knowing what to say I could make my network marketing company work.
Sound familiar?
If you suffer from not being able to recruit new reps into your network marketing company if you lack the ability to talk to people about your company if you fear rejection, failure and going broke then this message is just for you.

Here’s why…
You can use my proven scripts, methods and strategies to recruit dozens of reps into your company every month. And you need to realize, there is a cost to not dealing with this…
If You Ignore Your Recruiting Problem, It Just Gets Worse
What most people do when they struggle sponsor new reps is result to begging, chasing, pestering and then finally, try switching companies.

But for most people, that does not work.
They beg their friends
Hype their business and product
Blast their company all over there Facebook page
They spend money on switching companies and nothing changes
After switching companies they have less creditability with their friends and family.
They find that their ability to recruit new reps and build their network marketing company was just a plain lack of skill.

And what happens if you just do nothing?
If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?
You fail in your network marketing company, end up wasting money and time in your business and finally quit. Because you quit you have now stayed broke and stuck in your current financial situation with no way out.
And worse yet, your friends and family say “I told you so”…
How I solve your recruiting problem I’ve got an answer that works.

Here’s the story:
When I first got into network marketing I had no idea what I was doing.
I listened to my upline and did exactly what they told me to do. I quickly realized the methods didn’t work. I was loosing friends, chasing off family and wasn’t making any money.
I had a second problem as well, my Girlfriend wanted to build a network marketing team, however, she was extremely quite and shy.
I started buying every training, book, course and attending every event I could to try and learn how to recruit new reps. I read every book under the sun that had to do with talking, selling, closing, opening and recruiting.
I then began testing all different methods to see what would actually work for the network marketing industry.
More importantly what would work without being a hard core pushy sales rep that no one liked.   After months of trial and error I finally figured it out.
I found a way to get 80% of your friends and family excited to try your network-marketing product and help you build your business.
I also figured out how to get 95% of people that open their mouths to ask you for a presentation about your company.
Another drastic change in my recruiting is when I figured out how to get the people who ignored my phone calls when I tried to follow up with them, to call me back.
When all set and done, the largest benefit came when I was able to watch my girlfriend confidently speak with people about her company, comfortably carry the conversation and direct the prospect to asking her for more information.
And you can have the same results in your business.
Finally, It’s Your Turn
Recruiting Made Simple, Even If You Are Shy and Introverted is a 100% online training course.
Once you complete the payment you will get access to the members only area with all of the videos, tutorials and worksheets.

This course is for you if:
You have never signed up a rep
Struggle talking to friends and family about your company
Lack interested people to talk to about your company
Not sure how to get your new team members started right
Don’t know who to talk to or what to say about your company
Have approached everyone you know with zero success
Are frustrated with network marketing but want to make it work
Here is what the Recruiting Made Simple;
Even If You Are Shy And Introverted,

Does For You
1) The Right Attitude & Expectations: So you set yourself up to win Block out frustration and anxiety
2) 5 Must Answer Question For Your Vision : Develop your vision so you know exactly what your working towards Giving you a finish line that will be achievable with a clear action steps to get you there
3) Building An Invincible Belief: Learn to develop a bulletproof belief so you no longer fear talking to people about your company and product. Once you set up a belief in this way you will no longer be intimidated or be scared about the word no.
4) Proper Goal Setting: Understand how to set your goals so you set yourself up to win. Never again set goals that will leave you feeling like a failure.
5) Myth Busting: Join me as we smash through myth’s about the network marketing industry that are keeping you stuck, broke and chasing companies.
6) Hot Market Scripts and Recruiting: Learn exactly how to speak to your best friends and family members about your company. No longer worry about chasing off your family members or losing your best friends, never again will you be worried about becoming a part of the no friends list. Discover easy to follow scripts and text message directions to have 80% of your hot market saying yes to becoming customers
7) Warm Market Scripts and Recruiting: Finally learn how to approach all of the acquaintances in your life without being awkward and weird. See an easy method to recruit up the social and economical chain, including your mentors.
8) Effective Cold Market Recruiting and Scripts : Discover how to get 95% of people who open their mouths to ask you for a presentation about your company. Never run out of people to talk to about your business again. Never fear about having to start a conversation again, this cold market training is all about how to get others to start the conversation with you.
9) O Leads Method for Recruiting : Follow a simple acronym that keeps recruiting simple and fun. You will never again struggle with what to say, when to say, or how to invite someone to see your company or product. Learn how to quickly qualify to see if someone is right for your team and company.
10) Burnt Market Approach : This module is just in case you have spammed your friends and family and they about to disown you. Learn exactly how to approach your friends and family, even if you have pestered them with 10 other companies.
11) Pacing And Leading: Develop your more advanced recruiting skills by being able to direct conversations, language, body movement and have the ability to build instant rapport with anyone.
12) Matching And Mirroring: Truly learn how to build rapport with people by quickly identifying their ins and outs and being able to adapt to them.
13) The Phone Call: Have you been scared of picking up the phone to follow up? Learn exactly what to say and how to say so your phone calls are no longer awkward, but they become extremely effective.
14) 3 Step Voicemail: Not sure whether to leave a message or not, or even what to say on your message. Finally, learn exact details on when to leave a message, how often to call, when to call and what to say. The people that have ignored your phone calls will be picking up, or call you back and apologizing they have ignored you.
15) Closing Questions To Sign Up More Reps: Learn step by step effective closing methods. You will learn the questions to ask, how to test close and when to ask the final closing question for best results.
16) Objection Handling With Stories: Have you been getting hit with objections and have no idea how to answer?   Discover a way to handle objections with an answer that is irrefutable.
17) Bonus Super Advanced 10 Steps To Objection Handling: Learn the most through way to handle objections. It is a simple 10 step approach that makes objection handling fun for you and the prospect. Discover how to turn every objection into a question that will have your prospect answering their own objections and ready to join.  To go along with your video training you will also receive PDF files filled with scripts, notes and exercises that will help you be the best recruiter in your company.

Plus You Will Get These Bonus Modules When You Act Fast.
1) Recruiting Affirmations and Incantations : In as little as 5 minutes a day you can become a top notch recruiter ready to take on the world with the right mindset.
2) Recruiting By Color : There are 4 personality colors and you will learn about each one. You will learn what makes them take action, how to speak with them, how to lead them and how to get them taking action on your team.
3) 5 Minutes To Invite And Present : The biggest bonus on the entire list. You will learn how to invite, qualify and present your company info in 5 minutes or less. Don’t need to waste your time with hotel meetings or home parties, you can decide on the spot if this prospect is ready to take action or not. Discover the 3 questions you must answer for any prospect to decide if they want to be a part of your business or not.
4) 6 Steps To Team Building: Learn the most effective ways to build your team. Discover the biggest mistake team leaders make and why their business comes to a stand still. Learn what you need to do as a leader to keep duplicating and keep your team taking action.
5) Easy Team Duplication : You started your network marketing company for time freedom, if you cannot duplicate your team you just ended up with another job. Learn how you can duplicate without spending every waking moment hand holding your team members. You will be able to dictate your schedule when you learn how to duplicate your team with a few simple steps.
6) The Best Business Card : See exactly what your business card should look like so you get prospects actually responding. Don’t loose prospects or waste money on business cards that don’t work. Follow this simple method and learn how you can dominate your recruiting with a very simple business card.
7) Mastermind Recording: Get your hands on a 90min recording of a live mastermind that walked people step by step through the exact process to have unlimited prospects and the ability to sign them up.