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Name Product: Stephanie Wilson Coleman – Overcoming Roadblocks To Prosperity
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Author: Stephanie Wilson Coleman
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Discover the Hidden Secret to Attracting Prosperity
I understand that sometimes life does not turn out like you planned.  You see my life has also been filled with turmoil.  As a teenage mother, all I heard my entire life was that I would always live in poverty.  Struggling as a teenage mother rearing a young child, I stumbled upon several techniques that literally transformed my life.
As I watched my life improve in what seemed like a magical adventure, I was completely and totally amazed.  I vowed to introduce these techniques to people just like me.
For years, I have been answering questions and helping others through my television show,  A Sip of Inspiration.

How do I forgive myself?
How do I get rid of the anger
that is holding me back?
How do I find my soul mate?
How do I discover my “purpose”?
Overcoming Roadblocks to Prosperity is filled with answers to all your questions  AND it’s filled with techniques that are easy to use to help you find your way.
What do you do when your monsters are real?
What do you do when you are trying to overcome
the pain from teeth-rattling experiences?
You have used all the new systems and still success eludes you.
No matter what you have read or what you have tried, nothing seems to work.
You have heard it all.  You have tried it all.
I know I did.
What did I do when the “monsters” in my life were real?
I knew there was something missing but I just did not know what it was.
But l kept looking and digging and finally I discovered how to, once and for all, get rid of the murkiness, the residual effects left behind by the things experienced, – homelessness, abuse.

I learned how to slay the monsters in my life.
I learned how to unlock MY inner millionaire.
When I finally got it……
No matter what you do in the outer, if what you believe deep down inside is not in alignment with what you do in the outer, you will not be successful.
Oh, I could rattle off the causes for me not being successful quicker than you can imagine.
“If I only knew what to do” or “Things just take a long time.”
I’ve walked on the same grounds you are walking on now.
Me, with all my education, skills and know how.
Me, who has implemented systems and process for others that enabled them to be successful.
But I still could not do it for myself. I could not figure out what was holding me back.

But when I identified, transformed and released the “secret” beliefs I was holding onto, I started seeing success in ways I could have never imagined.
And now I am ready to show you how.
In the 6 Audio Set, Overcoming Roadblocks to Prosperity,
you will learn to…