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Name Product: Steve Nison – Profiting in Forex (4DVDs)
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Intractor:Steve Nison
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DVD #1: Essentials of Nison Candles and Single Candle Lines
This DVD begins building the solid, and correct, foundation for the rest of your Forex candlestick education.
See why candles are used by the most successful FX traders and analysts and how candles can help you overcome your trading challenges.
After detailing the basic construction of the candlestick line, Steve focuses on one of the most common and misunderstood candle signals – the Doji. Want to know if a breakout is likely to be false? Then pay special attention to the section on Spinning Tops and Doji.
Do you think candles are complicated? This is just one of the misunderstandings that are blown apart here. By the end of this DVD, you’ll be starting down the path to accurately read the markets’ message better and faster than ever before.
Here’s what you’ll learn:

• Why is Steve Nison the source for your candle education
• Anatomy of the candle line
• Why candles give twice the information as a bar chart
• Using real bodies to gauge force of current move
• Spinning tops

• Essentials of Doji
o Basic Criteria
o Market Implication
o How doji are different in FX compared to non FX
o Using doji as a protective stop
o How to help avoid buying on false breakouts
o Avoiding a common misuse of the doji

• Shadows
o Why shadows must be part of your candle analysis
o Using long lower shadows
o Using long upper shadows

• Hammer Essentials
o Construction
o Basic criteria
o Market implications
o Psychology behind the pattern
o Hammer as support
o Retest of hammer’s lower shadow

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