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Name Product: Stuart Wilde – The Journey Beyond Enlightenment
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Instructor:  Stuart Wilde
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About The Journey Beyond Enlightenment by Stuart Wilde Journey into an incredible spiritual terrain unknown to all but the most adventurous seekers. In The Journey Beyond Enlightenment, internationally-acclaimed author and “spiritual warrior” Stuart Wilde will show you how to access and enter what he calls the Mirror World – a hyperdimensional reality that exists beyond the constraints of time, space, and intellect. A reality that lies just past the limits of ordinary vision. A reality which, once you enter it, will reveal the astonishing power of true, authentic spirituality. Stuart Wilde presents a host of guidelines, mechanisms and practical exercises for entering this mirror world and navigating your way through it. As you progress along this remarkable voyage, you will discover … * How to experience the collective unconscious as a physical dimension you can actually travel to, inhabit and explore. * The best time of day to view the mirror world. * The bodily sensations that indicate you are engaged with the mirror world * How striving for “enlightenment” in the conventional ways is actually keeping you further from it. * Astonishing new biophysical research that supports the existence of the etheric field. * The key to making yourself invulnerable to dark energies. * And much, much more.

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