Susan Lassiter-Lyons – Bulk REO Secrets [Real Estate]
Susan Lassiter-Lyons – Bulk REO Secrets [Real Estate]
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You Just Pay:  $47
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If You Could Buy a $100 Bill for Only $65… How Many Would YOU Buy?
If you’re a real estate rehabber, wholesaler, or landlord looking to completely change your game, this very well might be the most important letter you’ll read all year.
I’m going to show you where to get deals… LOTS of deals.
Best of all… these are:
Pocket deals… with NO competition like on the MLS, and you’re going to be dealing directly with the bank, so that means… NO bidding wars.
You’re going to discover how investors just like you found the key to scaling their businesses in a way that’s generated millions in income.
And, I’m going to show you one of the best ways I’ve found to push your investing to the next level – whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned investor.
It’s a Hidden Gold Mine of 1,000’s of Foreclosed Properties and Real Estate Notes up to 65% Below Value… Perfect for Landlords, Rehabbers, and Wholesale Flippers Alike
In a moment, I’m going to reveal to you a strategy so unique, so powerful, a guy in Michigan used it to buy not one, not two… how about every single foreclosed home in his entire county for a measly
$7,500 per home?
I’ll show you the entire process, step- by-step, so you can purchase your first property in the next few days…
And, Bulk REO is STILL as hot as it was when Bill McMachen handed over a measly $7,500 on average for each of the properties; 403 of them single-family homes.

He made MILLIONS in 2012 when he snapped up the package.
That’s right. He bought every single foreclosure in his town, at once.
And If You Thought Those Days Were Over… how about the 700 abandoned homes in New Jersey…
Or my student Vern’s package of 1,000 homes that he picked up using this EXACT method you’re seeing right now.

My name is Susan Lassiter-Lyons and I’m going to show you a unique and powerful Investing strategy like nothing you’ve run across before that allows investors just like you discover the treasure trove of properties that are just sitting there
Right under your nose, with no signs, and not a single hint that they’re for sale.
It’s the ONE method that works for me over and over again to generate huge paydays on pretty much a part time basis.
And, it’s MUCH easier than you can imagine.
It’s a secret that I’ve only shared with my High Ticket Coaching Clients (like Vern) in the past.
You’ll want to read on carefully to get the most out of this letter.
If you’ve been toiling away but not making the kind of BIG money that you deserve as a rehabber, landlord or a wholesaler, you’re in for a shock.
I’m about to change the way you look at property investing forever. I suspect, you fall into one of these categories:
1) You’re frustrated at the amount and time and effort you continue to put into your business for what seems to be aridiculously small payoff.
2) You’re sick and tired of wasting your money on other so called “training programs” that end up being some newbies guide to real estate investing and they end up collecting dust on the shelf.
3) You have a burning desire to discover the real truth to making the kinds of BIG deals you know are out there, but you never seem to find and profit from.
4) All of the above
Vern was #4
That’s why he came to work with me.
I’m going to share with you what I shared with Vern in just a moment.
But first I want to tell you a little bit more about me and why you should pay attention to what I’m saying here…
I’m not some famous late night property infomercial “get rich quick” guru. In fact, since I discovered real estate investing, I’ve spent the majority of my time buying and selling property…
When I was only 19 I started working at Hertz Rent-a-Car, where I worked my way up the corporate ladder… all the way to the Corporate Headquarters…
Where I Was Totally Miserable.
It was like torture. The last two years I lived in a state where I literally didn’t know a single person. Plus…I was the “national sales trainer”…Which really means… I lived out of a suitcase. I was on the road for 3 WEEKS a month. I’d pack up and leave on a Sunday night… spend the week at a hotel… back on Friday night.
And then, do it all over again. It was like the movie Groundhog Day.
But… those long nights alone in my hotel room gave me PLENTY of time to consider my next step… and to study.
I studied everything I could about real estate investing. I knew IT was my ticket to giving my inner entrepreneur the opportunity to break out and find that financial freedom I was looking for.
I studied every strategy I could get my hands on trying to find the one that was the right fit for my goals and me
I finally took the plunge, quit Hertz, and moved back to my home in Colorado…
To Make My Dream Come True.
I quickly realized that what I needed to take my investing to the next level, was to understand the funding process. So I decided the best way to do that was to start my own mortgage company.
I started my mortgage company with just about nothing… and took a low level job at another mortgage company for 18 months to learn, and make a little bit of money.
To say it was “lean times” would be an understatement.
It was a pretty meager existence for a while. With my small salary from the mortgage company and a little income from my lease options and rentals… I was barely able to cover my bills…
I supplemented my income on my Texaco gas card. Yep. I bought my gas and groceries there, and they had an ATM that took the Texaco card, so I could get about $60 out a MONTH.. “for fun.”
I knew that I couldn’t do that forever… I needed bigger deals to make bigger bucks.
I was in a bank talking to them about their portfolio loans. One of the bankers asked if I’d like to see their foreclosure and non- performing inventory… and I was shocked at what I found. It was a goldmine.
And, that’s where you come in to the story.
So many investors I speak with ask me

This extensive online training program delivers you everything that you, as an investor, will need to know about how to put this strategy into action in your own business.
It’s 7 Full modules packed with every up to date current technique, script, and form you need to get started.
Here’s just a quick overview of what you’re about to get:

In this Module, I’ll outline exactly what the Bulk REO market is all about and give you all the details to get started
This is where many “wannabe” Bulk REO investors really miss the mark. Here’s the tip… don’t waste your time with banks that don’t want to deal.
There are too many lenders out there just chomping at the bit to get their non-performing assets off the books. I’ll show you how to grab the low hanging fruit and walk away with a basket full of properties, ripe for the picking.

In this module, I’ll show you the step-by-step process that I follow to flip these properties. You can select the ones you want to keep in your portfolio, and which ones to sell, or if you want… flip them all for a huge payday.
I’ll outline exactly where to look to find investors who are literally waiting for someone like you to come along and offer them property deals that they can cash in on.

Bonus #1: Up To $1 Million Dollar “Proof Of Funds” Letter ($697 value)
The banks all want to see proof of funds, and I won’t leave you hanging. Just push a few buttons online – you create and print it yourself instantly from our funder.

Bonus #2: The Bulk REO Forms Package (a $997 value)
You get: A Sample Letter of Intent, a Master Fee Agreement, a Purchase Agreement, and Non-Disclosure Agreement. These are all the documents you’ll need. I‘ve taken the guessing and fumbling research out of it. You get Samples with a tutorial for each one…

Bonus #3: Note Buyer Pro Training (FAST ACTION BONUS! Only available until Friday, April 8th)
When you start doing bulk REO investing, you’ll come across property and notes for sale. You can use the same strategies on notes, and I’m including this valuable training to make you a “note expert” – and make money on deals you otherwise would have passed up …

So – What’s the Cost?
Think of it like this:  What is a proven training system like this actually worth to you and your family?
Can you imagine the impact this kind of lucrative cash influx will have on your business, your lifestyle, and your family? What’s that worth to you
$7,000? $15,000? Perhaps $25,000???
I’m not going to charge you anything close to that amount.
Why?  Because I’ve been there.
I know what it’s like to wonder if this is the “right step” to take next, juggling one job to get started on another…
This course is genuinely worth thousands, in terms of real world value, with just the documents, the forms, and the instructions. That doesn’t even account for the amount of TIME this system will save you.
I’ve seen similar (and far inferior) training courses sell for over $1K.
Keep in mind. I’m not going to offer this course at this price forever.
In fact, I initially planned on retailing it at $1,997, but I know for many people in this economy, that’s just too steep.
So, if you’re ready to take action right NOW – I’m knocking a whopping $1800 off that price…
Keep in mind. I’m not going to offer this course at this price forever.
In fact, I initially planned on retailing it at $1,997, but I know for many people, that’s just too steep.
And I don’t want you to trip over pennies on your way to dollars. When you decide to take action right now, I’m offering this entire package to you for …

Susan Lassiter-Lyons – Bulk REO Secrets [Real Estate]
Price: $197
You Just Pay:  $47
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