T. Harv Eker’s – Spiritual Laws of Money 2017
T. Harv Eker’s – Spiritual Laws of Money 2017
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WEEK 1 : Money, Self-Worth and Deservedness
If you made a few mistakes and are in debt up to your eyeballs and you don’t know how you’ll ever escape, or you are stuck in a dead-end job and you hate going to work with a passion … and you’ve always wondered why some people are successful in all of their financial dealings… then this will be the most important week of the program.

WEEK02 :Money, Balance and Enjoying the Journey
Did you know that most broke people believe that they must work really, really hard — and for really long hours — in order to get rich?
This simply isn’t true!
(I’ll reveal exactly why in this week.)

WEEK 03 :Money and Money Management
In this week, you’ll be exploring THREE key skills.
Earning More Money.
Keeping Money.
Growing Money.
And still, we’re just getting started!

WEEK 04 :Money, Purpose and Passion
In this week, I’ll help you to discover your purpose — we all have one — and, crucially, show you the fastest ways to profit from it.
This will be transformational for you — because you get to experience a unique Q&A format of mine that will uncover the UNIQUE skill that you’re supposed to be sharing with the world…

WEEK 05 :Money, Mind and Fear
What you learn in this week will amaze you — because you’ll finally let go of your deep, lingering doubts about making money and unlock your full money-making magnetism!

WEEK 06 :Money and Relationships
Did you know that money is the #1 cause of problems in relationships?
I bet you did!
Well, not anymore… because in this week, I’ll be helping you to untangle your relationships from your finances (and make so much more money that it’ll never be an issue for you again).

WEEK 07 :Money, Income and Freedom
In our seventh week together, I’ll help you eliminate one of the most dangerous blocks to becoming rich — the idea that time is linked to money!
In this week, you’ll discover the “secrets” of passive income… learn how to leverage your passions to get paid while you sleep… and find out how you can create an incredible life filled with freedom, purpose AND abundance.

WEEK 08 :Money and Spirituality
If you’ve ever wondered if YOU can be really spiritual… AND get really, really rich, this week is the one for you.
By the way, if you feel like this…

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