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Let Me Show You How We Took A Struggling Shopify Store & Increased Our Profit From $28,851 To $117,573 In 63 Days From The Same Amount Of Traffic.
Here’s just a small fraction of what you’ll be discovering…
How a 10% change in one store metric cut our traffic cost in HALF. (This takes about 20 minutes to implement in your store)
The Shopify upsell app that out performs all the other ones on the market.
Which elements on your store should be color matched to each other. (this increased our conversion rate by 1% overnight)
33% of our visitors clicked the same Shopify feature on the product listing page that by default shows up but does nothing. We changed out it’s function and saw an immediate 9% lift in sales. (this is a stupidly simple change you’ll kick yourself for not noticing sooner)
The right way to position your catalog pages to boost your average cart value. (most people don’t know they can do this)
Why 99% of people do conversion optimization wrong and how to ensure you are not one of those people. (This is counter intuitive but very important)
The super popular trust icon that actually LOWERS conversions on the checkout page. (we would have never guessed this was gonna hurt)
How adding a simple % to the our upsell headline increased take rate by 11.4% (it has nothing to do with a discount either)
The simple image tweak that will cut your bounce rate by as much as 30%. (This is brain dead simple and requires no skill to implement)
3 mobile shopping cart changes that will increase conversions by at least 18%. (Most mobile responsive themes still screw this up)
The site navigation structure that will kill your chances at google rankings as well as increase page abandonment by as much as 25%. (this will shock you because so many themes are built this way)
Where NOT to place your customer testimonials. (we actually found places that it lowered our conversions.)
The 10 Second Test that will immediately show you where you are loosing up to 1/3rd of your potential sales. (You’ll kick yourself when you see how much you are losing.)
How do dial in fast on the exact audience ranges you should be targeting.
The 7 words we added to the checkout page that instantly boosted our average order value by $4. (you will kick yourself for not implementing it sooner…it’s so simple.)
How some of the most popular Shopify Apps we all use can actually hurt your sites performance and conversions even when they are doing what they are designed to do. (This blew us away and cost over $1500 to prove it really was a problem.)
The simple addition we made to our video ads that boosted our Facebook Ad Click through rates through the roof. (If you run video ads you need to be doing this)
And a TON more…

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