The perfect blog Security and Business: Methods and technologies for writing blog's articles for network writers

Name Product: The perfect blog Security and Business: Methods and technologies for writing blog’s articles for network writers
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This collection has been expanded with practical tips for security and marketing the blog and working with clients.
This book is a small collection of tips and notes that will be sung by novice copywriters.
Perhaps some of them seem too simple or obvious. But my older comrades always told me – repetition – the mother of the teaching!
I hope that the advice given in this book will soften the hard work of a copywriter, a blogger and just a writer of short articles.
The tips I mentioned here are divided into several sections, in accordance with the various parts of the copywriter’s work.
Blog Safety Tips
Blog development strategy
Top tips from the best bloggers
50 tips for bloggers
23 tips to increase comments on the blogThis book is intended for people who want to make your blog better.
Here is a collection dozens of tips. Many of them I have tried to practice privately. Some tips may seem simple and obvious, but I think that it is better to repeat the simple things, than never to learn about more complex things.
In these small notes no automatic disconnection step by step to create and promote a blog.
Here you can find hundreds of little things, which is to remember every blogger, but somehow always forget.
Also, these notes will be useful for bloggers who want to increase the attractiveness of their pages.
Before you post these things, I brought them to the discussion of three of my colleagues. They all agreed that any advice is of practical value. Also in this book are very important notes on the economic promotion of the blog. You will learn how and what you should write if you are counting on new customers.
Listen to them – or not, you decide.

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