Welcome to The Product Blast! This training lays out a Facebook to Shopify for eCommerce system that I created after building a Million Dollar online store in less than 8 months. You will learn exactly what I do to find products to sell, how I create my stores, how I promote my products, and I how I fulfill my orders.
Now It’s time to build your own Million Dollar store.
Here’s what I cover in the 4 modules:
What’s inside?
Module 1
Let’s face it, knowing the right products to sell can be difficult. We know what we like, but it’s not always so easy to know what others like. That’s why I use several tools that I’m going to show you. I even had a tool created that I will give you access to. These tools allow me to easily and quickly see what items people are already loving and buying online, so that you can find products to sell without hassle.

Module 2
Does the thought of building an online store intimidate you? Even if you’re tech savvy, the weeks of work that you imagine sometimes seems too much for your plate right now. But did you know that you can get an online store up and running in just 1 hour? I’ll show you how I’m able to build these stores myself very quickly without even needing a developer.

Module 3
If you could hand someone a dollar and they hand you back two, how many dollars would you give them? That’s kind of like using Facebook ads for promoting your products. There 1.6 billion users on Facebook and they are all available for you to target. No matter the product, there are people on Facebook willing click if you could just find them. In this module I’ll go over the basics of Facebook advertising and what types of ads you need to be focusing on when promoting your products.

Module 4
Ship yourself or have your products drop shipped, that is the question. And I’ll show you how to figure it out. This was the most intimidating part for me. It was un-chartered territory when I began, so I just did things and hoped that it worked out. Sometimes it did, and other times it didn’t; we’ve lost thousands of dollars on mistakes we’ve made. I’ll show you how find reliable vendors and help you decide which route to take in fulfilling orders so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did.

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