Tim Fitzgerald – Note Investors Elite Cash Flow Network Elite
Tim Fitzgerald – Note Investors Elite Cash Flow Network Elite
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Note Investors’ Elite
Cash Flow Network
Everything you need to succeed in your own
Discounted Cash Flow Business
If you are serious about achieving financial security and independence in your own business, Note Investors’ Elite Cash Flow Network is for you.
When you become a member of Note Investors’ Elite Cash Flow Network, you will have all the tools and training you’ll ever need to succeed including ongoing support from experienced professionals who will personally advise you every step of the way.
Join others, just like you, all over the country who are building their own profitable discounted Cash Flow business with the expert professional guidance available to you exclusively through the Note investors’ Elite Cash Flow Network.
Here’s everything you get when you join Note Investors’ Elite Cash Flow Network.
Jump Start Orientation: Download your orientation immediately to jump-start your Discounted Cash Flow Business and put you on the fast track to start generating income. You will learn all the fastest, most effective, inexpensive and little-known techniques for quickly finding the most profitable cash flow transactions.
Personal One–on-One support: We’re here to help you succeed. Personal support means having someone to talk to. You will be given our direct phone numbers. Any time after your orientation, just call us with any questions you have. We are ready to work with you personally. Call us whenever you need help.
Two of the Cash Flow Industry’s Most Powerful Training Programs are included:
1. SuperEarnings- How To Prosper In The High Reward Low Risk Discounted Cash Flow Business
2. How to Turn 90% of the People Who Won’t Sell You Their Notes Into Big-Time Cash Profits

Master Cash Flow Specialist Certification: As an added benefit of joining the Note Investor’s Elite Cash Flow Network, you will be eligible to earn the prestigious and sought-after Master Cash Flow Specialist Certification (MCFS). To obtain your certification, just complete the Superearnings course described above and a simple proficiency test. Upon completion, you will receive an official certificate, suitable for framing, recognizing your achievement.
Your Cash Flow Specialist Certification (MCFS) designation will give you instant credibility and a strong competitive edge with all of your current and future clients. Proudly display your official MCFS status on your business card, website and on all of your marketing materials to enjoy the prestige and marketing benefits it provides.
Ready-to-use Marketing Kit: Marketing is the secret to success. Your Noteinvestors’ Elite Cash Flow Network takes the guess work out of your making marketing decisions. Your marketing kit comes with a variety of professionally prepared, ready-to-use materials. In it, you’ll find ready-to-use marketing letters, flyers and post cards that will save you time and money- and will deliver proven results.
Direct access to Cash for Your Transactions: We put you directly in contact with our hand-picked institutional funders and/or master brokers who will assist you in closing your transactions. They put up all of the money for your deals. We know of no other training program that offers this unique benefit. You will be able to take your note directly to the money people. The funders will handle all the details of your transaction and pay you referral fees when your deals close. We have selected funders for the following cash flows; real estate notes, business notes, structured settlements (lawsuit awards), lotteries, business accounts receivable (this area is called “factoring”), delinquent debt and non-performing notes.
Affordability: There is no need to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on expensive seminars. The Note Investors’ Elite Cash Flow Network is the most comprehensive and effective business opportunity at the lowest possible price. You will get everything you need to quickly get your business up and running along with personalized, one-on- one consulting to help you succeed. No other program delivers so much for so little. Save time and money and get started today.
Money back guarantee- no questions asked: Once you are up and running with The Elite Cash Flow Network, we’re 100% confident you’ll agree it’s one of the best, if not THE best investments you’ve ever made in yourself. If you’re not happy with it after 30 days, return everything for a full refund. No questions asked.

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