Tyler Durden – The Hot Seat at Home LEVEL 2
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For The First Time Ever – Get The Hot Seat… @ HOME
We have spent the past decade traveling to every corner of the globe, recording the most insane infield footage to ever exist, and helping thousands of guys get insane results with women that they could only DREAM of before.
We have gone from city to city, and country to country teaching the Hot Seat, and it has become our most raved-about program to date.
Up until now – The The Hot Seat has worked like this:

We take the most informative, eye-opening full-length clips of pickups, and we break them down, step-by-step.
Then we would take this amazing, beautifully-shot video with crystal-clear audio, we would break it apart… analyze it… and pull out the core principles and techniques.
Then we follow it up with these crazy, crazy exercises that reinforce the core concepts you learn in the videos.

We have spent YEARS to build the PERFECT PROGRAM…
We have fine-tuned The Hot Seat to be the most high-impact, life-changing program that exists anywhere in the world – there is nothing else like it – period.
The Hot Seat is an event that has been taken by 10’s of THOUSANDS of people.
But the thing that’s frustrated us over the years, is that we’ve never really succeeded in creating that same experience from home… UNTIL NOW.
The thing was – because The Hot Seat is a live event… not everyone is able to attend, we get messages from guys all over the world:
“I can’t make it… I live a million miles away!”
“Why can’t you come to my city / country more often?”

“I WISH I could make it… it would be so awesome… what do I do?”
We get hundreds and hundreds of emails – BEGGING us to bring this training to them…
The more messages we get… the more we realize that there are THOUSANDS of guys who NEED this, RIGHT NOW, but can’t get it.
Over time…

So for the first time ever, we have decided to take the power of the Hot Seat,
and harness it into an at-home experience.
So, here’s what we’ve done – check it out:
We have created a PARALLEL EXPERIENCE that DOVETAILS into the live experience.

Here is what you will experience inside The Hot Seat at Home:
Discover the ROOT BEHAVIORS that trigger all female attraction
Unlock the Step-By-Step Blueprint for Approaching, Escalating, Closing, and Everything In-Between.
Learn to draw state from within and develop UNBREAKABLE INNER GAME
Lay a Solid Foundation, Build Upon It, and TRANSCEND to a NEW LEVEL

Real Social Dynamics
Get an up-close-and-personal view of what GOOD GAME actually looks like.
CRUSH your limiting beliefs, FOREVER.
Get the critical keys to keeping conversations INTERESTING and ENGAGING.
Develop a genuine approach to game, and joyful sense of humor necessary to make sure you HAVE FUN when you go out.

The Hot Seat at Home is a transformative at-home experience that you can do on your own, at your own pace, from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
We have taken the most critical mind-bending concepts from the Hot Seat Transformational Experience and repackaged them for an at-home environment.

For the first time ever, we are giving you the opportunity to take advantage of The Hot Seat – from the comfort of your own home.
The Hot Seat at Home consists of FIVE parts:
Infield Footage Breakdowns

You are going to see the most INSANE pickup content you have
ever seen in your life, and have us BREAK… IT… DOWN… for you.
Every type of girl, in every situation imaginable, up-close and
personal so you can see EXACTLY what’s going on, and have
every little nuance explained to you in great detail.
You will see the interaction unfolding right there in front of you,
understand exactly WHY things are happening, and see the
powerful underlying patterns behind every action.
Interactive Exercises

The most powerful concepts responsible for massive success aren’t just things you ‘learn’, they are things you ‘become’.

These Interactive Exercises are created SPECIFICALLY to push you, and make you to internalize the techniques right there ON THE SPOT. You won’t have to struggle to try and memorize all of the things that you learn, because they will be INGRAINED into your subconscious permanently.

These exercises are CHALLENGING and TRANSFORMATIONAL, and they will 100% HARD-WIRE your subconscious mind for success.
Individual Challenges

Internalization is the path to mastery, the Interactive Exercises
we show you will implant success patterns into your
subconscious mind, and the Individual Challenges will push you
to take action.

These challenges are based on over a decade of in-field
experimentation and analysis by myself and the other RSD
instructors – they work, and they are guaranteed to push you to
implement the concepts you learn.
Remember – without action, there can be no result.
Boot-camp Footage Breakdowns

For the first time, we are giving you an in-depth breakdown of the SICKEST Bootcamp footage. This is next-level content, delivered through your eyeballs… straight to your brain.
These Bootcamp Breakdowns are EXCLUSIVE to The Hot Seat at Home program – there is such a large wealth of information contained here – it’s not for everybody.
After seeing these interactions broken down, you will realize that there is an entire world out there that you have never noticed before. A whole universe of possibilities that most people never discover… we are giving you the keys to the kingdom, all you have to do is open the door.

Get a 1-hour coaching session with Tyler’s personal success coach.
Gain access to a private vault of 100 pages of Tyler’s best writings.
Learn from RSD Instructors Luke, Sam and Madison via Webinar.
Meet Tyler in-person at an exclusive seminar and receive a video of it.
Receive a video of RSD’s newest tactics from Luke, Sam, and Madison.

Tyler Durden – The Hot Seat at Home LEVEL 2.0
Price: $397
You Just Pay:  $67
Home sale: http://www.hotseatathome.com/offer/
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