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Learn how to plan and prepare for objections, address customer concerns, reduce the number of objections you encounter

What are the requirements?

No prior knowledge required
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 27 lectures and 57 mins of content!
Understand What Objections Are all about and Why Customers Must Object
How to Overcome Objections
How Handle Objections through a Universal Strategy
How to Use Specific Strategies to Handle Objections
Learn how to Build Credibility with your Clients
Manage your First Impression
How to overcome “The Competition” objection
How to Use your USP to overcome the competition Objection
How to identify the most frequent objections you encounter
How to develop appropriate responses to handle objections
How to disarm objections with proven replies that will get the sale back on track
How to recognize when the prospect is ready to buy
How working with your sales team can help you overcome objections
How to overcome the most frequent objection: The Price Objection
Understand the Critical Communications Skills that will lead to less objections and more Closings
Understand and use top advice for Active Listening and how it reduces Objections
How to become a Better Listener
How to use powerful Questions to respond to Objections
Understand the Purpose and use of the Clarifying Questions
What are Observation Skills and How to Use them to Reduce Objections
How to use Customer Complaint to build more Credibility
Adopt the right attitude to Handle Customer Complaints
How to Set yourself and your company Apart from the competition
Some Closing Technics to help you finalize the deal
15 Activities to make you more successful at closing the sale
What is the target audience?

We are always selling something: – to our children, our parents or friends and to our customers. Objections are mandatory. They are always there and they always need to be overcome. This course is for anybody in sales and wants to have a practical solutions and the right skills and attitude to handle objections and close the sale

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