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Author: Harlan Kilstein
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Make More Money As A Copywriter Than You Ever Thought Possible
There’s an error in the labels (in this case the first thing you see when you start watching) . The labels are: 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-10. As you’ll notice it skips 7.
So when you turn on DVD7 it says 8!

Here’s what Harlan wrote:
“My Value Based Copy sets teaching people how to rake in the
really big bucks in the copy business have been receiving
rave reviews.

But we’ve also been getting calls from people wanting to
know if there was a problem.

You see, my DVD guy made an error and labeled DVD 7 as DVD 8.

People have been wondering if they were missing a DVD.

They are all there.

But because of this error, I don’t feel it’s right to raise
the price after the prepublication offer.”

Now, is this on purpose or not? Kilstein is a damn good copywriting and it’s probably on purpose.
Here’s his reasoning for keeping the price the same to sell more sets.

Syllogistic reasoning.

“If the DVD guy makes an error, I won’t raise the price of the DVD sets.
The DVD guy made an error
So, I guess I won’t raise the price of DVD sets.”

The guy obviously purposely made the DVD 8 to say DVD 7…so Harlan can justify a “scratch and dent” sale!

But the reasoning that ‘he feels it’s wrong to raise the price because of the error’???!! huh??? What does that have anything to do with the new buyers?
If anything, it makes more sense to raise the price now because the new DVD sets will have correct numbering.

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