William Souza – CPA Evolution 2.0
William Souza – CPA Evolution 2.0
Price: $997
You Just Pay: $97
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Would you like to build a highly efficient Internet business WITHOUT:

•   Creating your own products
•   Trying to make connections with people who ignore you
•   Any experience at all
•   Selling a single product of any kind
•   Working any more than 10 hours per week
•   Spending thousands of dollars on training, software, and advertising?

Would you like to join the thousands of people who are successfully doing this – from SCRATCH?

Yes! Then pay close attention to the next paragraphs…

Yes! Now it is YOUR TURN to have this success
and you can start immediately

Inside CPA Evolution 2.0, you will be given EVERYTHING you need to get good results with cost per action marketing.

What Is Cost Per Action Marketing?

Cost Per Action means you don’t have to sell a single thing.
Getting a conversion is as easy as having someone enter their e-mail address onto a form.
(That’s just one example of the EASY, FREE offers you will promote).
So you don’t need any fancy websites of your own, any connections, or any experience.
You just need to follow these three easy steps:

Who Am I?

My name is William Souza and I have been a CPA marketer for over 10 years.
During that period I’ve built a successful internet business and helped thousands of people to do the same.
Now, I’d like to teach you.
I’d like to surprise you by showing you just how easy it truly is to achieve your business goals.
Because the sad truth of the matter is…
So many “gurus” do NOT make money the way they claim they do.
They only make money off of selling their “training” to you… Training they do not even follow themselves.
That’s where I stand apart from them.
That’s why you may not see me putting out product after product.
I’m BUSY running my own booming CPA business – and I’m BUSY teaching my own students.
It is only when I am fully ready to give you EVERYTHING you need that I open the doors and invite you to come discover the power of effective CPA marketing.

The time to enter the world of CPA marketing
has NEVER been better
Especially if you’re a newcomer

There are so many powerful and easy ways to leverage social media to drive FREE traffic to your CPA offers…
Which will cause you to get results even if you have NO advertising budget at all…
Then, it’s also easier than ever to improve your business with paid advertising.

See – a ton of “training” forces you to have
hundreds – thousands of dollars to spend
on advertising right away.
Well, what if you don’t have that?

So many of my students don’t have that kind of money to throw at advertising.
I needed to devise a way for them to get started with NO advertising investment necessary.
That means…

CPA Evolution 2.0 is the only CPA training
that you can truly “start from scratch”

And that’s designed to leverage the power of our social-media focused world to help you set up´campaigns immediately.
But let’s say that you DO have some money that you’re able to spend on advertising…
Then I have the perfect roadmap for you, too.
With budgets as small as $10, you can start driving paid traffic to your CPA offers, and start getting conversions.
So, it’s clear that…

No matter what level you’re at, I have a
step-by-step CPA plan for you:

“I have $0 to spend on advertising”
I will show you how to set up your first campaigns using entirely free strategies. Then, I will show you how to scale up faster than you’ll ever imagine and take your campaigns to the next level.
FEEL THE RUSH of that happening. Because it’s about to.
“I have a little money to spend on advertising”
If you have as little as $10/day to invest on advertising, I will show you how to run campaigns that produce results with a low budget. And you’ll discover how to scale them to a high level.
FEEL THE RUSH of that happening. Because it’s about to.
No matter where you’re starting from, I’ll take you to the sky.
But your custom CPA Plan is just one small component of what you’re about to get inside CPA Evolution 2.0

You’ll also receive
every piece of software you need to
fast track and automate your success

This software is one of my secret weapons.
It will create perfect, proven-to-convert CPA banners for you in seconds.
People will click on these banners and rapidly complete the CPA offers.
With this software, you’ll never have to shell out $50 – $100 per banner design.
And you’ll never have to struggle with Photoshop or graphic design for yourself.

You will NEVER have to…

spend hours of your precious time trying to learn how to create a simple banner on complex softwares like Photoshop or GIMP.
hire freelancers that don’t care about your campaigns and create terrible banners that suck once you start running them on the advertising platforms.
spend hundreds of dollars running a bunch of banners to find out which ones have a decent performance. Simply use the templates we have already tested and approved.
waste time creating variations of your banners for split-testing. Our software will do that automatically to help you save time.
get frustrated because you simply seem not to be able to figure out the technical aspects. We handle everything, you just focus on getting results!
One of the most important steps to effective CPA marketing is sending your visitors to a “pre-sell” landing page.
When done right, these landing pages will drive MAJOR CPA commissions.
But in the past, it takes a lot of time and effort to create these pages the right way.
And when you want to split test different pages, it can suck up hours of your time, or hundreds – thousands of your dollars.
Instead, you’ll use this software to create CONVERTING landing pages in seconds, with no technical skill at all.

You will NEVER have to…

spend a single cent on expensive hosting accounts. Use our powerful servers to host your landing pages without additional costs.
worry about registering domains and setting up them with the hosting account. We will provide you with awesome domains and you can use them with just one click of the mouse.
burn your wallet testing templates. All the templates we will provide you with have been tested in real campaigns and are proven to convert.
waste time trying to figure out how to use complex HTML editors to edit templates. You can set up amazing landing pages with just a few clicks of the mouse.
spend a ton of money on programmers and freelancers that cost an arm and a leg and never meet your expectations.

Insider Mastermind Access

Virtually every successful marketer is part of a mastermind.
And some masterminds cost as much as $10,000.00 or more per year – and people join them with a smile.
Because there’s nothing like being part of an elite group of people who accomplish what you want to accomplish.
They answer your questions – they give you their insights – they help you.
You’ll gain exclusive access to our forum mastermind group, where ideas are always being shared, questions are always being answered, and help is ALWAYS being offered.
We bet you’ve never seen such an incredible wealth of giving, helpful, incredible business people join together to help each other succeed before. You simply have to get inside and become a part of it.
William Souza – CPA Evolution 2.0
Price: $997
You Just Pay: $97
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