Zach Spuckler - Rock Your Live Streams
Zach Spuckler – Rock Your Live Streams
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The Exclusive Live Streaming For Profits Program Created Just For You
Because There’s No Faster Way To Create A 6-Figure Business Than Using Live streaming!
Right Now You’re Feeling Completely Lost and Overwhelmed By All The Systems, Structures, and Processes Everyone Tells You About.
You feel completely stuck because you know that you’ve got a ton of expertise and knowledge – and you could change lives – but you feel completely invisible, your amazing ideas are falling on deaf ears, and to be honest, you can’t get anyone to buy in.
By Now You’ve tried To…
…design and create courses people are hungry to buy but no one’s willing to take out their credit card
…land coaching clients but you feel like you’re always on Facebook scrolling through trying to get clients isn’t how you really grow a business
…grow your list but you’ve got what you thought was irresistible freebie, then you threw up some ads to get traction – but no one’s signing up

By now you know enough about Online Business. (in theory)
You know that by now you should have a big list, you should be visible, and you should be sold out!
But let’s face it…
The Clients, Influence, and Cash Aren’t Flowing
Now You’re Ready to Cut Through the Methods that Don’t Work and Finally Rely on a Proven System
So, Listen… I like to give it to you straight…
When it comes to Live Stream Marketing – This is the ONLY course you’ll ever need.
Everything you need to get paid is inside this course.

Rock Your Live Streams Is An Exclusive Facebook Live & Periscope For Profits Training Designed To Teach You How To Grow Your Business, Your List, And Your Wallet With Live Streaming.

Module 1 – Periscope Jumpstart
Become unshakeably confident using the Periscope app, both onscreen and off.
Get access to my 7-Day Periscope Jumpstart that shows you how to get profitable fast

Module 2 – Periscope Growth Strategies
Learn my exact systems and processes for gaining hundreds of engaged                                followers in just a few short weeks.
Get access to the step-by-step formula that will help you generate lead and sales on every single live broadcast you do!
Uncover my secret 3×3 Conversion Model that helps you generate even higher opt-in rates

Module 3 – Periscope for Profits
Discover my step-by-step roadmap for running broadcasts that turn followers into community members, and viewers into clients.

Module 4 – Facebook Live Core Strategy
Learn the 7-Step Formula to create FB Live Content that Sells LONG AFTER you end the broadcast
Learn the Core Strategy for create compelling content that generates leads and sales for your business

Module 5 – Facebook Live Video Optimization
Discover how to turn your Facebook Live Videos into effective Facebook Ads that bring new clients right to your page
Get access to step-by-step ad set up, optimization training, and templates to create stellar content right on your Facebook Page

You Also Get:
Exclusive access to the Rock Your Live Streams Members Only Facebook Group
Instant access to bonuses including “25 Calls to Actions that Convert”, “The Perfect Broadcast Mindmaps”, “The Live Streamer’s Toolkit”, and so much more.
All program videos, bonuses and updates are housed in an online membership site which you’ll be given INSTANT access too.

what would this be without some sweet bonuses?
Inside the course, you’ll find some awesome bonuses including…
Bonus 1: The Perfect Broadcast Mindmaps
I’ve broken down the perfect broadcast into a printable mind map. Print it out, stick it on your desk, and follow it to run the best broadcast ever!  Follow this basic printable each time you hit the “start broadcast” button, and results will follow.  There are TWO MINDMAPS one for FB Live & one for Periscope

Bonus 2: 25 Calls-To-Action that Work
Need more opt-ins, hearts, or engagement? I’ve broken down the FIVE actions you want people to take on your streams and given you the EXACT script that will get them taking action.

Bonus 3: The $1200 Scope
Get the private recording of a broadcast I did that generated $1200 in revenue – in 39 mins! Oh and I didn’t even have anything ready to sell at the start, it’s a great way to get some inspiration!  (Plus this ‘Scope went down in my favorite place in the world, Starbucks!)

Bonus 4: The Live Stream Toolkit
People are always asking me for the must-have Live Stream tools! This PDF will give you a list of the Top 5 Tools I’m always using when I’m ‘Scopin! If you add these five tools to your arsenal, you’ll be crushing it in no time!

Bonus 5: The Periscope Fast Track Bonus
If you’re considering this course – you probably want results like… yesterday, right?  Well I’m throwing in my Fast Track Bonus – it’s a 5-Day Periscope Challenge that I did and recorded live designed to get your first leads and sale in DAYS, not weeks!

Bonus 6: Private Facebook Group
Looking for a community with HUNDREDS of People dedicated to growing their life and their business with Live Streaming?  You’ve found it – and you get access to to for FREE when you join Rock Your Scopes today!

PRICE: You can get this course with only $57
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